Randy's Presure Cooker " Ball Park Dogs "

READY IN: 12mins
YIELD: 2 hot dogs




  • Put Butter or oil in Pressure cooker on medium heat and brown onion.
  • Take onion out and put into loosely wrapped tin foil bowl, at this time I like to sprinkle the onion with the garlic powder and seasoning salt and mix (just my preference, but adds flavor.).
  • Add tibet and pan to pressure cooker with 1-12 cups of water and turn heat to high.
  • With a sharp knife put 1/8" deep max. slices (length wise) in the hot dogs, around the hot dogs, about 1/4" apart on all the hot dogs.
  • At this point you can prinkle what ever spices you prefer on the dog, ( I leave plain and rely on the onion and topping for spice).
  • Place the hot dogs, and loosley open wrapped seasoned onions on the pan, close cooker and bring to 10lb. pressure. (if using 15 lb. reduce time to 6 minute aproximatly.).
  • Cook between 6 to10 minute (depending on how many hot dogs and pressure setting.) This sounds like a long time, but they turn out great.
  • Use the cold water cooling to reduce pressure.
  • The hot dogs will be 2 to 3 times the original size, this is good.
  • Remove hot dogs and onions from cooker, put dogs on a plate and cover with tin foil and allow to rest for 5 to 10 minute Close foil on onions to keep warm.
  • Mean while brown or steam buns as you like, add onions from tin foil and what ever condiments you want -- mustard -- ketchup -- etc. to bun. (I microwave buns with 1/2 cheese slice on each side for 20 sec.) and add toppings and onion.
  • Add hot dog and enjoy the ball game -- .