Randy's Presure Cooker " Ball Park Dogs "

"These are great hot dogs, they puff up to 3 times the original size at first, let them rest and they drop to double. They are never dried out and retain all the rich flavour of the hot dog, thanks to the pressure cooker. You have to try these, they will take you back to your first ball game hot dog. Put your favotite topping on them and you are set to go. The secret is the pressure cooker not allowing the natural flavor to leave or dry out... we love them.... Hope you enjoy."
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Ready In:
2 hot dogs




  • Put Butter or oil in Pressure cooker on medium heat and brown onion.
  • Take onion out and put into loosely wrapped tin foil bowl, at this time I like to sprinkle the onion with the garlic powder and seasoning salt and mix (just my preference, but adds flavor.).
  • Add tibet and pan to pressure cooker with 1-12 cups of water and turn heat to high.
  • With a sharp knife put 1/8" deep max. slices (length wise) in the hot dogs, around the hot dogs, about 1/4" apart on all the hot dogs.
  • At this point you can prinkle what ever spices you prefer on the dog, ( I leave plain and rely on the onion and topping for spice).
  • Place the hot dogs, and loosley open wrapped seasoned onions on the pan, close cooker and bring to 10lb. pressure. (if using 15 lb. reduce time to 6 minute aproximatly.).
  • Cook between 6 to10 minute (depending on how many hot dogs and pressure setting.) This sounds like a long time, but they turn out great.
  • Use the cold water cooling to reduce pressure.
  • The hot dogs will be 2 to 3 times the original size, this is good.
  • Remove hot dogs and onions from cooker, put dogs on a plate and cover with tin foil and allow to rest for 5 to 10 minute Close foil on onions to keep warm.
  • Mean while brown or steam buns as you like, add onions from tin foil and what ever condiments you want -- mustard -- ketchup -- etc. to bun. (I microwave buns with 1/2 cheese slice on each side for 20 sec.) and add toppings and onion.
  • Add hot dog and enjoy the ball game -- .

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