Ranch Dressing Mix

Ranch Dressing Mix created by ImPat

Tastes like the one you buy.

Ready In:



  • Mix.
  • Store in jar or covered bowl.
  • Makes 1 cup mix.
  • To use:

  • Salad dressing: Add 1 tablespoon mix to 1 cup mayo and 1 cup buttermilk. Mix and use.
  • Dip: add 1 tablespoon mix to 8 ounces yogurt. Use with vegetables.
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"Tastes like the one you buy."

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  1. EnjoyGoodFood
    I actually made this recipe and put it on a baked potato, along with a little olive oil. I will use it for salads too :) I was happy with the flavor, even though I didn't let it sit (like I should have) to develop the spice flavors. After reading the reviews, I did make a couple of adjustments based on personal preference and the fact that I didn't have any minced dry onions. With the adjustments (tweaks) that I made, I counted about 8 tablespoons of ranch mix. That works well for me. Next time, I might buy and use some minced dry onion, but certainly will not add a cup of dried onions. Maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons. I will list the tweaks in the tweak area. I was very happy with the taste of the Ranch Dressing. I didn't think it was too salty, but the salt mixtures I did use would make the amount of salt less than 1 teaspoon. The saltiness of the potato tasted just right because I didn't use any added salt knowing that there was salt in the dressing. It should be just right for salads. The dressing has a very good appearance too :)
  2. EnjoyGoodFood
    TWEAKS: Instead of 1 teaspoon of plain salt, I used a half teaspoon of seasoned salt and a half teaspoon of Old Bay Seasoning, which has salt in it too. I used only 2 teaspoons of sugar, considering the suggestion of another reviewer. Instead of 4 teaspoons of parsley flakes, I used 2 teaspoons, along with 2 teaspoons of dried chives. I didn't have any minced dried onion, so I used 4 teaspoons powdered onion.
  3. Chef Jean
    This made a wonderful french onion dip! I didn't really think it was much like ranch dressing, but it still tasted very good :) I did have to add a bit more salt to mine. It's great to be able to make your own dip like this so you can control fat/calories/sodium ect!
  4. ImPat
    Ranch Dressing Mix Created by ImPat
  5. ImPat
    Made a 1/4 batch as we cannot buy Ranch Dressing Mix in the supermarkets in Australia so I could make Shelby Jo recipe #317230 for Potluck Tag. Thank you so much wildheart.

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