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This is a must do in order to use this unique grain.

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  • Pour 1 cup quinoa into a fine strainer and rinse thoroughly under cool water-this will get rid of it's natural, bitter coating. I find this method helpful too-pour quinoa into a medium bowl, add cold water and swish around with your hand. Place a unbleached coffee filter into your strainer, then drain off the quinoa. It's a lot less annoying this way as the tiny grain won't get stuck in your strainer.
  • Put rinsed quinoa into a large frying pan over medium heat.
  • Cook, shaking the pan for around 15 minutes or until the quinoa reaches a golden brown.
  • Remove from heat and pan and cool.
  • Store in a clean jar with a tight fitting lid.
  • Keeps for up to 1 month.
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@Diana Adcock
@Diana Adcock
"This is a must do in order to use this unique grain."

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  1. Pat W.
    Have not tried quinoa yet, but I bought some to try. Question, after toasting the quinoa, can you put it on things (like salads) without cooking further, or does it have to be cooked with a liquid? Thanks for the help.
  2. Katwyn
    Like many here, I prefer toasted quinoa also, and can recommend Dib's method as a great way to do it, also. What I MOST appreciate about this recipe post, though, is the coffee filter tip for a fuss-free way to strain washed/rinsed quinoa! Reading that was a head-thumping "Duh!, how did that never occur to me?" moment! I don't happen to use that type of filter for making coffee, but have bought them to put in the bottom of pots when planting flowers to help keep the soil neatly in pots while allowing excess water to drain. Sometimes the obvious can become quite elusive. I've already purchased more coffee filters to use for quinoa, and will waste not a second more searching for an ideal, fine-mesh quinoa strainer, since a coffee filter will perfectly transform one I already have to work well for that purpose. Thanks so much for that wonderful tip!!! I'm sure that solution would have continued to elude me, had I not happened upon it in your post!
  3. keansburgchick
    What is quinoa and where do ya buy it? I never heard of it. The chicken fingers look delicous but I don't know what the stuff is and where I can buy it.
  4. Silvarra
    This is absolutely perfect! I forgot to toast the quinoa just 1 time, and everybody noticed the difference. Always use this every single time now. Thanks so much for posting it.
  5. gailanng
    Here's to a healthy New Year! I'm weaning off the calorie laden holiday food fest .

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