Quinoa Milk

READY IN: 8hrs 30mins
YIELD: 4 cups


  • 12
    cup white quinoa (for color of the final milk. Pink milk= nasty!)
  • water, as needed (filtered if desired)
  • 1
    pinch salt


  • 1. Place the uncooked quinoa in a fine-mesh seive and wash, wash, wash it. Why? Quinoa seeds have a bitter coating called saponin that you want to wash off.).
  • 2. Put the washed quinoa into a glass container with a lid. Cover the seeds with water, put the lid on it, pop it in the fridge overnight.
  • 3. The next morning, pour the soaked quinoa into a seive and wash it again.
  • 4. Put the quinoa into a pot with 2 cups fresh water (not the water it soaked in) and a pinch of salt. Bring it to a boil, covered.
  • 5. Turn the heat down and simmer the quinoa (covered) until all the water is absorbed, about 20 minutes.
  • 6. place the cooked quinoa in a blender with 2 more cups of water.
  • 7. Blend on high for 1 mkinute, then add water until the milk reaches your desired consistency. You would add any desired sweeteners and flavorings at this point.
  • 8. Strain the quinoa milk through a fine cheesecloth (a clean napkin will do) into a bowl. Note that, even with the straining, there will still be flecks of quinoa in the milk. These will settle out later, so don't worry.
  • 9. Pour the quinoa milk into a clean quart-size jar, and stick it in thew fridge to cool.
  • Note that the milk may seperate a little. This is okay. Just give it a little stir.
  • The milk will keep about a week, unless you freeze it (I guess you could freeze it? I've never tried.).
  • Happy quinoa-milk making!