Queen of Puddings - Baked Raspberry and Meringue Pudding

Recipe by French Tart
READY IN: 55mins


  • For the pudding
  • 8
    fluid ounces milk
  • 8
    fluid ounces double cream
  • 1
    vanilla pod, split
  • 3 12
    ounces caster sugar
  • 5
    free-range egg yolks
  • 5
    ounces fresh breadcrumbs
  • 2
    lemons, zest only
  • 7
    ounces raspberry jam
  • For the meringue topping
  • 4
    free-range egg whites
  • 4
    ounces caster sugar
  • 1
    tablespoon icing sugar, for dusting


  • Preheat the oven to 160C/310F/Gas 2.
  • For the pudding base, pour the milk and cream into a pan and add the split vanilla pod. Bring slowly to the boil over a medium heat.
  • Place the sugar into a large bowl with the egg yolks and whisk until the mixture is light and creamy.
  • Slowly pour the egg mixture into the hot milk and cream, whisking all the time, then add the breadcrumbs and lemon zest.
  • Half-fill a roasting tin with boiling water to make a bain-marie. Pour the pudding mixture into individual ramekins, or one large oven-proof baking dish and place them into the bain-marie.
  • Place the bain-marie in the centre of the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until the pudding or puddings are almost set, but still slightly wobbly in the centre.
  • Remove from the oven and allow to cool.
  • Increase the oven temperature to 190C/375F/Gas 5.
  • For the meringue topping, place the egg whites into a large clean bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form when the whisk is removed. Gradually whisk in the caster sugar, a tablespoonful at a time.
  • Place the jam into a small pan over a low heat and gently melt. Spread the jam over the top of the puddings, then cover the puddings completely with the meringue mixture.
  • Sprinkle with the icing sugar and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the top is crisp and lightly browned.
  • To serve, remove from the oven and serve immediately.