Pumpkin Walnut Muffins

"This delicious recipe makes 2 dozen of the tastiest muffins filled with raisins and walnuts along with a combination of spices. You probably won't have any left over, but if you do, they freeze very well. Dough needs to stand for one hour at room temperature before baking. Recipe found on the internet."
Pumpkin Walnut Muffins created by Carianne
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  • Mix together sugar, oil, eggs, pumpkin and water in a large bowl.
  • Sift together all dry ingredients and add to mixture.
  • Mix and add raisins and walnuts.
  • Let stand one hour at room temperature.
  • Place in greased muffin tins and bake at 400° for 15 minutes.
  • To freeze: when completely cool, place on cookie sheet and freeze uncovered, then place in plastic freezer bags.
  • Can just defrost when needed or microwave individual muffins for 20 seconds on high.
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  1. isabelgertler
    These are excellent muffins! They've got a super soft texture, which I'm guessing is due in part to letting the batter rest - don't eliminate this step if you've got the time, it's worth it! I made some modifications, based on other reviewers' suggestions, and my own personal preferences for a slightly healthier muffin: - Substituted half of the flour for whole wheat, and this was entirely unnoticeable - Substituted skim milk for water - Doubled the spices, and added a teaspoon of ground ginger for that complete pumpkin pie flavour - Added a full can of pumpkin puree, since the recipe calls for almost a full can - Modified the sugar; instead of 2 cups white sugar, I did 1 cup coconut sugar, and half a cup each of brown sugar and maple syrup. They still came out quite sweet (almost in cake territory), so next time I will eliminate the brown sugar. I am already planning to make these again next weekend! They're the perfect fall muffin :)
  2. barryjoyce
    Thanksgiving Day, 2010 ... I have tested 2 other "wonderful" pumpkin muffin recipes this year, they both disappointed. I learned lessons however, and found this recipe which seemed to have adequate sugar. I made these changes :<br/><br/>* substituted 1 c brown sugar (1 c white, 1 c brown) ..(I used dark brown, probably wont matter) <br/>* added heaping TBSP of molasses (learned that from a pumpkin pie recipe last nite :)<br/>*deleted about that much (1 TBSP) from the water<br/>*doubled (at least) the spices, esp cinammon<br/>*used about 1/2 c raisins, 1/2 dried cranberries<br/><br/><br/>I did not let it stand. Only thing that wasn't already room temp were the eggs, by the time I got everything prepared, I thought it was all close enough. Didn't matter for me. <br/>This is the only recipe I will be using from now on. The muffins came out fantastic. Found that these are the equal or better than ones in the restaurants - still not overbearing sweet, just enough sweetness and tartness....
  3. Claidan
    Absolutely yummy! My kiddos love them and they are the perfect muffins for fall. I used pecans insted of walnuts b/c 1) I had tem on hand 2) they are more popular here in Tx and they still tasted yummy!
  4. bullwinkle
    Great muffins! They were worth the hour standing time. The only thing I did different was to add the extra 1/2 cup pumpkin that was leftover from the can. Thanks Marie.
  5. Carianne
    Pumpkin Walnut Muffins Created by Carianne

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