Pumpkin Ginger Pancakes With Ginger Butter

"From Sunset Magazine , these are nice for a change of pace on Saturday mornings. 45 minutes combined prep and cook time."
photo by KateL photo by KateL
photo by KateL
photo by KateL photo by KateL
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Ready In:
8 pancakes




  • Combine flour, brown sugar, soda, cinnamon, powdered ginger, nutmeg and salt in a large mixing bowl.
  • In a separate bowl, combine egg, milk pumpkin, yogurt and butter until well blended.
  • Add wet to dry, stirring just until evenly moistened.
  • Cook on nonstick griddle over medium heat until edges look dry – about 2 to 3 minutes per side.
  • Serve with ginger butter and real maple syrup.
  • To make the ginger butter, simply cream the chopped candied ginger into the butter, then chill before serving.

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  1. Bonnie G #2
    OMG, these are to die for and so easy to make. The only thing I did differant was cut it in half for the 2 of us (still used 1 egg) and it was perfect. The flavors just cried out for the holidays and the ginger butter sent it right over the top. Served with warm maple syrup and hot coffee, and made for the perfect breakfast for this cool November morning.
  2. lazyme
    Yum. These were delish. I served these to my Thanksgiving guests and they were a real hit. I also hid some and froze them so that I could enjoy them by myself. lol. Thanks for sharing, Susie. Made for FYC tag.
  3. Starrynews
    These are wonderful! The texture is incredible... so light and fluffy. The flavor is delicious - all of the spices really add to the pumpkin. I used gluten free flour, and it worked wonderfully. Thanks for sharing! Veggie Swap 39
  4. MissingWhiteWings
    Yum! A definite winner. DH kept stealing mine off my plate :) Didn't try the butter, but I will definitely make this recipe again.
  5. Groundhog Gal
    These pancakes were a nice change and they were delicious. Only change I made was to substitute soy milk for the regular milk. The candy ginger butter was a nice addition..will definitely make this again Forgot to add the "stars" when I initially reviewed. We try to make our Sunday morning breakfast a little more special and these are a repeated request at our home.


  1. Judy from Hawaii
    These were very nice pancakes & would be especially appropriate for a holiday brunch. I did find I needed to add about 1/4 cup extra milk to get them to the right thickness. Maybe that was because I used sour cream in place of the yogurt, as that was all I had. I did not have any candied ginger, but I'll bet that the ginger butter would be great! This was a nice breakfast to kick off spring vacation, thanks, Julie! Mar 21, 2005


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