Puerco Pibil (Yucatan-Style Slow Roasted Pork)

"I first came across a version of this when watching "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". The mariachi orders puerco pibil (roasted pork) in every restaurant he visits. After eating one chef's version, he declares it the best he has ever tasted, walks into the kitchen, and kills the chef, thereby retaining the balance of the universe. A segment following the movie shows how director Robert Rodriguez cooks his version. Between that, and a recipe in 'la parilla: the mexican grill', I think I have found my own happy medium. Serve with Pink Pickled Onions (recipe #73203), your favourite fruit salsa (I use recipe #86509 ), a salsa cruda (I use recipe #12724), and warmed, soft tortilla shells. Prep time includes marination time. "
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  • For the Achiote Recado....place annatto seeds and water in small saucepan over high heat; bring to boil, cover, and lower to simmer.
  • Cook about 30 minutes, remove from heat, and leet seeds steep for about 2 hours, or until softened.
  • Drain, then place in food processor with remaining ingredients; Blend until a smooth paste forms.
  • If you would like a spicier recado, add 2-3 habaneros to the processor.
  • Combine pork butt and recado in large ziploc, sealing tightly.
  • Refrigerate, and let marinate for at least two days (but no longer than 5; meat will grow saltier the longer it is kept), turning occasionally.
  • Place a sheet of tin foil in a sturdy pan.
  • Cross banana leaves on top of the foil, and place meat in center.
  • Add any remaining marinade to pork- it is important that the pork stews in its own marinade.
  • Wrap leaves around the meat, covering with more leaves if necessary, to make a neat package.
  • Cover pan with one more layer of foil, to prevent steam from escaping.
  • [NOTE:If you are unable to get banana leaves, simply place the pork in a roasting pan, covering very tightly with tin foil- But the banana leaves look much cooler.]
  • Cook in a 325-degree oven for about four hours, until pork is meltingly tender.
  • Let rest for 30 minutes, then coarsely shred, removing any large fatty pieces.
  • Serve with salsas, pink pickled onions, warm tortillas, and icy cold beer (or tequila, if that's your thing).

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  1. This is a great recipe! I made my own achiote past as well.
  2. It happens to be my favorite, and this method is a good one. Better than a lot of others I have seen. I make my own achiote paste, which is easier than the Recado method here-Achiote Paste #102398- The rest is the same. Use a pressure cooker to trim the cooking time a LOT. I just made it with 5lbs of pork and it took 80 minutes in the pressure cooker. I must say that the pickled red onions really make this dish. Don't serve it without them. A good habanero salsa goes well with it too. Oh, and don't forget the BEER!


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