Prize Winning Marinade for Beef

READY IN: 3hrs 15mins
SERVES: 4-10




  • Using a food processor, crush peppercorns until fine.
  • Add garlic to processor and crush.
  • Add soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice and blend.
  • Pour mixture into giant zip lock freezer bag and add the meat to be marinated (even the cheapest cuts of beef will taste like prime rib!).
  • Seal bag.
  • Refrigerate for 48 hours (turn bag every time you open the fridge door).
  • Reserve the marinade for later use.
  • Barbecue the meat as you would normally however, I prefer to cook the meat very VERY slowly using an indirect cooking method--only ONE side of the barbecue is lit and turned down to low.
  • The meat is placed on the one side of the barbecue which is off, over a pan of water, which sits on the barbecue rocks.
  • Note: Total barbecue time depends on the size of beef roast.
  • Relax while your dinner cooks.
  • Put marinade on the stove and bring to a boil.
  • Add just enough marinade to some sour cream, to make a sauce to drizzle over the cooked meat.
  • Sit back and enjoy the compliments.