Prize Winning Marinade for Beef

"I combined my sister-in-law's marinade recipe with my friend's barbecue cooking method. I then submitted this recipe into to a radio station as part of a contest and I ended up winning the grand prize of a Jenairre stove! It's so versatile that it works both with cheap cuts of beef and expensive too. I won't cook beef roast any other way. Enjoy!"
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Ready In:
3hrs 15mins




  • Using a food processor, crush peppercorns until fine.
  • Add garlic to processor and crush.
  • Add soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice and blend.
  • Pour mixture into giant zip lock freezer bag and add the meat to be marinated (even the cheapest cuts of beef will taste like prime rib!).
  • Seal bag.
  • Refrigerate for 48 hours (turn bag every time you open the fridge door).
  • Reserve the marinade for later use.
  • Barbecue the meat as you would normally however, I prefer to cook the meat very VERY slowly using an indirect cooking method--only ONE side of the barbecue is lit and turned down to low.
  • The meat is placed on the one side of the barbecue which is off, over a pan of water, which sits on the barbecue rocks.
  • Note: Total barbecue time depends on the size of beef roast.
  • Relax while your dinner cooks.
  • Put marinade on the stove and bring to a boil.
  • Add just enough marinade to some sour cream, to make a sauce to drizzle over the cooked meat.
  • Sit back and enjoy the compliments.

Questions & Replies

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  1. doloreshos
    Marinated top round roast, how long in over 3 1/2 lbs. at 250 deg f.
  2. Bo W.
    How do you make the sauce? It says "add the marinade to some sour cream". Do you heat the sour cream separately, then add the marinade, or the other way round? How big a part of the marinade do you use? Should the whole thing boil, or is that not a good idea because your are using sour cream?
  3. Zipporah W.
    Can I cook this in slow cooker? Do I need to rinse the marinated off completely before cooking. I'm clueless. I would like to use in slow cooker but afraid of curdling


  1. bbsid52
    Since it's the middle of winter, I didn't want to fire up the grill. But this marinade was great on the 4 lb. bottom round roast that I didn't know how to cook. I kept it in the marinade for 36 hours and then in the oven at 250, lightly covered with foil until the internal temperature was at 160. Best tasting, most tender roast ever! This marinade is now in my recipe box! Thanks!
  2. Tracy S.
    I don't usually comment on these but I was impressed with this recipe. Growing up, I helped my mom in the kitchen a lot. I am of the Sunday dinner generation and she was an excellent cook. Our roasts were always medium rare and as we didn't have much money, my mom would search out the cheaper cuts that would still offer a tender, med rare finish. Eye of the round was one of those roasts and although I had intended to make a pot roast for my daughter's birthday, when I saw an eye of the round I changed my mind. My mom used to ask my dad to cut this roast razor thin to accentuate the tenderness. No need for that with this recipe. I love bbqing in the winter so I made up a smoker with some charcoal, put the 5.5 lb (2.5kg) roast on the gas bbq at 200 F for 3 hours. I put water in my cast iron pan and placed it under the roast. I only used one of the 3 burners on med/low and kept the roast well away from that burner. In cooking it this way, I sacrificed the potatoes around the roast like my mom was so well known for but with some duck fat and hard work, I did her proud with those too. I did not process the marinade yet the exterior of the roast had a gorgeous finish. I marinated it for 24 hours but rather than poking it to compensate for the shortened period, I allowed it to marinate outside of the fridge for some of that time. The marinade/sour creme was a tasty touch. Thank you for this recipe. It was genius. I will be using it again.
  3. Dorinda M.
    So grateful for my amazing blender that i used step by step to create the marinade. With the price of a roast now it is crutcial to make the most of it. Used a cheaper cut and loved the results. Baked butternut squash, roast, mashed potatoes and a lovely Shiraz... Life is good!, Thanks
  4. eeroomnhoj
    Followed recipe fairly closely and it turned out great. I put the meat on the warming rack of my grill and used the heat from both burners to cook it and had no problem. Will definetely cook this again.
  5. zoo66
    This marinade made an excellent roast. I had a 5 lb sirloin tip roast that I marinated for just over 24 hours, then cooked to medium in a slow oven. The meat was very tender and tasty. I used all of the leftover marinade, thickened with a bit of corn starch with the sour cream and it made a very tasty gravy for the meat and the potatoes. Very nice.



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