Prime Rib Seasoning Mix

"If you like seasoned food you will love this!The mixture on this is done to perfection. This recipe was given to me about 25 years ago. Once you make a prime rib with this seasoning you will be told it is the best prime rib they ever tasted I guarantee it! This recipe is outstanding. I make a shaker of this & keep it on the back of my stove & use it on all my steaks also with soy sauce an hour before cooking. Enjoy!! Note: Will do 2 to 3 prime ribs"
photo by Alan Penn photo by Alan Penn
photo by Alan Penn
Ready In:
2hrs 10mins




  • Rub 1/2 cup per 10 # meat. Rub and massage seasoning in with SOY SAUCE after all wet, work the seasoning in real good!
  • keep adding more seasoning till you have the amount needed.
  • Place in refrigerator, let seasoning soak into meat for 24 hours before cooking.
  • Take a large onion or more to make 1" thick slices to.
  • line down center of pan big enough to fit your piece of prime rib on! take rib out of refridgerator,sit at room temperature ½ before cooking.
  • Cook 350° around 2 hrs or more depending.
  • on the weight size of the prime rib! Use a meat thermometer.
  • Rare:120°.
  • Med: 140°.
  • Well: 160°.
  • Please note that beef roasts will "render" and continue cooking, increasing in temperature by as much as 15 deg. F just sitting on the counter. So, keep this in mind -- i.e., for a final temp of 120 deg F, take the roast out when the center of the meat reads 105 deg F.
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  • May also Cook 500° 5 minutes per pound. After the 5 minutes times the pound of meat turn oven OFF. But you must leave oven door closed for 3 hours. NO Peeking!
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Questions & Replies

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  1. lizcoder58
    Tell me about the soy sauce. It’s never mentioned until you apply the seasoning mixture. Do you just poor a good a,punt on the roast to wet until you add the seasoning? Liz


  1. moten5
    Ummm Good.
  2. Teresa G.
    This is the best Prime Rib I have ever had I even cooked it to well done and it was great thank you for the recipe I've been looking for a good Prime Rib recipe for a while
  3. kateshel
    If baking the roast at 500 & then turning off the oven for 2 or more hours, does it hurt if the oven has a fan that cools the oven after you turn it off? Will the oven cool too fast? Our new oven does this.
  4. Victoria B.
    I made this rub and applied it 24 hours prior to cooking our Christmas dinner. Oh my goodness. The prime rib was amazing! My husband considers himself a prime rib connoisseur and he was so happy with the results and I was happy to have cooked it perfectly. One of the best ever!! I made a large batch of rub and will be happy to use it again. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!
  5. Larry R.
    This stuff is fantastic!! Our prime rib was great and now we use it as a rub on everything we grill, steaks, lamb chops, chicken, etc. Just made a double batch, should last us quite a while. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!



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