Prime Rib-Eye Steaks With Mustard Parmesan Crust

Recipe by SkinnyMinnie
READY IN: 55mins




  • Preheat a saute pan over medium-low heat. Add the olive oil and the garlic. Pan roast garlic, tossing once, allowing to brown for about 5-10 minute.
  • Drain the cloves through a strainer. Reserve the oil if you want for roasted garlic flavored oil -- yummy!
  • Allow garlic to cool then roughly mash with a fork.
  • Add thyme and mash again. Then add Dijon mustard and mix again.
  • Preheat oven to 450ºF and preheat the grill or grill pan to high heat.
  • Season steaks with salt and pepper and press the seasonings in well. Drizzle the steaks with some olive oil.
  • Grill meat to brown it, about 5 min on each side.
  • Remove the steaks from the grill and place on a large cookie sheet.
  • Top with garlic-mustard mixture generously.
  • Then place a large pile of Parmesan cheese on top and spread out to edges of the steak with you fingers.
  • Place steaks in the oven for 8-10 min, letting the cheese melt and steaks finish cooking.