Pressure Cooker Beef Broth

Recipe by Riverside Len
READY IN: 1hr 15mins
YIELD: 2 quarts




  • coat bones and oxtails with a bit of canola oil and salt.
  • get cooker hot, put bones and tails in, do not crowd, brown, do in batches if needed.
  • put meat, veggies, seasoning in pot, water to fill line, bring to boil uncovered, skim off foam/scum.
  • fit and lock lid, bring to full pressure, adjust heat so jiggler barely jiggles.
  • set timer for 45 minutes once full pressure is achieved.
  • after 45 minutes let cool until pressure subsides naturally, open lid carefully, it will still be hot.
  • strain through colander into a big pot, strain again through cheese cloth.
  • pressure cooking can make food taste a little dull, to brighten the flavor add a little lemon juice or sherry.