Preserved Lemons Middle Eastern Style

Recipe by Aunty Dotty
READY IN: 15mins
YIELD: 1 Jar




  • Scatter a spoonful of salt into a 1 litre sterilised jar.
  • Tip lemons into a wide tub with the rest of the salt and and mix and massage vigorously.
  • Pack the lemons into the jar, cut side to the middle, inserting pieces of bay leaf, cloves and bits of the cinnamon every so often.
  • Tip all the salt left in tub over lemons and press down as hard as you can to squeeze the juice out of the quarters.
  • Cover with extra juice if you need to ( any exposed lemon may develop a harmless white mould. It's safe but just doesn't look pretty.).
  • Wipe the neck of the jar with a clean cloth dipped in boiling water and cap tightly. You're done!