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Potato Cups in Muffin Tins( Irish )

Potato Cups in Muffin Tins(  Irish ) created by Chef floWer

Cheesy shredded potatoes are baked in muffin tins and served over marinated cucumber slices, An elegant side dish for a special entree. COOKS NOTES: If you have a Mandoline, it would be helpful!

Ready In:
1hr 10mins



  • Prepare the Potato Cups.
  • Preheat oven to 350° degrees F.
  • Mix together the potatoes, onion, Parmesan, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Generously butter 6 muffin tins, 2-1/2" size. Press the potato mixture evenly into the muffin cups. Bake 45 minutes or until the edges are well browned.
  • Remove from the oven to a rack to cool slightly. Loosen and invert the potato cups onto a plate.
  • Prepare Marinated Cucumber Slices.
  • While the potatoes are baking, notch the edges of the cucumber with the tines of a fork. Using a mandoline slice approximately 7 to 8 slices per person.
  • Mix the mint, vinegar, sugar and cayenne together and marinate the cucumber slices for approximately 30 minutes.
  • To Plate Up: Overlap the marinated cucumber slices in a circle off to the side on each plate. Place the inverted potato cup on top, add a sprig of Parsley and serve.
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"Cheesy shredded potatoes are baked in muffin tins and served over marinated cucumber slices, An elegant side dish for a special entree. COOKS NOTES: If you have a Mandoline, it would be helpful!"
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  1. Eldeevee
    We enjoyed this recipe, however they didn't cook right through in my oven. I will try them again with a higher heat or a longer cook time. Mine did not stick to the pan like other reviewers, but that may be because they didn't cook through. I left off the cucumber element because I did not have any on hand. This was an easy recipe that may look impressive when done correctly. Thanks for posting.
  2. Shawn C
    I did not make the cucumbers. But I used a half bag of frozen hasbrowns. added the seasonings and cheese. pressed into the muffin tins and baked.<br/>but it seems i didnt add enough seasoning because as others state it is bland.I think that maybe adding more seasoning and after pressing in the tin add a pat of butter on top to cook down into the potato. also after I popped out the cups I placed some fresh mozzarella (buffalo mozzarella) on top (which is now the bottom of the cup) and broiled it until the cheese got soft. this was a nice add on, I did it because I needed to use it up. <br/>I like the idea of cooking hashbrowns this way, you could add ham, cheddar, season salt etc for breakfasts and would be way easier to cook for a crowd that way each person could get what they wanted in their hashbrowns
  3. lindsey_bb
    This review is only for the potato cups. I made these for breakfast this morning as a side with eggs and turkey sausage. They were delicious. The flavors blended together nicely, and DH raved about them and wants them again soon. I used frozen potatoes and let them sit/thaw for the amount of time it took to dice the onion and shred the Parmesan. I used fresh Parmesan but didn't have fresh nutmeg - I just used the Tone's Spice. I also didn't use butter but sprayed the muffin tins with butter flavored Pam. Last - I sprayed the muffin tops with the Pam and seasoned with a little more salt/pepper. Crunchy and Delicious!
  4. bridgettels
    I have made the potato portion of this recipe twice now (still haven't made the cucumber part). The first time I made an effort to stick to the original recipe but wasn't able to because I realized I was out of nutmeg and my parmesan was expired :( I used sharp cheddar instead and they were delicious!!! Tonight I made them again, but used a Three Cheese mix as well as parmesan and they were not quite as good. I definitely prefer the sharp cheddar!
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  5. cherin vancouver
    I loved these! They were crispy (I did heavily butter my tins), you can use any kind of cheese - I used crumbled bleu the second time I made them. I used white pepper, but you could add any seasoning you like. I will definitely make these on a regular basis, easy and wonderful!
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