Potato, Bacon and Spinach Frittata

"Great hot or cold. A nice addition to a BBQ or picnic."
photo by Leslie photo by Leslie
photo by Leslie
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  • Cut potatoes into 2cm cubes.Boil, steam or microwave until just tender,drain.
  • Heat oil in a large non stick pan, cook bacon and onion until onion is soft. Add potatoes stir till browned slightly. Add spinach until just wilted.
  • Whisk eggs and milk in large bowl.
  • Pour egg mixture into pan, cook tilting, over medium heat until egg is almost set.
  • Sprinkle frittata with cheese and place under grill until cheese is melted and browned lightly.

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  1. Vintner
    This recipe is a great starter-- I added some halved cherry tomatoes and subbed the bacon with a chicken-apple sausage, and used mozzarella cheese. Fantastic!
  2. Leslie
    This was really tasty. We had it hot, for brunch, with a few added dried red pepper flakes, and we enjoyed it so much. It was really simple to put together, which is also an added bonus. We really loved the flavours in this, I'll be making it again. Thanks for posting :)
  3. xeyedkitty
    Recipe turned out great and was just what I needed on a cold January night. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Jen T
    We had this hot with some sliced tomatoes for an easy Sunday night and cold the next day for lunch with a simple tossed salad. Both ways were great. The only thing I did different was to add some freshly ground black pepper to the egg mix. A 'keeper' for sure. When cold would travel well for a take to work lunch or picnic. :)
  5. Mimi Bobeck
    I liked this better cold for some reason than I did when it was warm. It needed a little bit of a "zing" so I added some "Franks's Red Hot Cayenne" pepper to it. Really heavy, but I think for a man this would be perfect! Thank you for sharing Stardustannie! *Made and Reviewed for "ZaarTag" - come and play - it's delicious fun!*


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