Pork Sandwich

"I don't know if anyone else will like this, but I do."
photo by ChefLee photo by ChefLee
photo by ChefLee
Ready In:


  • 2 slices sandwich bread
  • 1 -2 tablespoon mayonnaise (or to taste)
  • 1 -2 tablespoon sweet pickle relish (or to taste)
  • 1 -2 teaspoon sriracha hot chili paste (optional)
  • 2 ounces sliced onions (or to taste)
  • 3 ounces roast pork or 3 ounces boiled pork, chilled and sliced to sandwich thickness
  • salt and pepper


  • Spread both bread slices with mayonnaise.
  • Spread pickle relish over the mayonnaise on both slices of bread.
  • On bottom slice, lay pork slices, then onion slices on top of pork.
  • Squirt optional Sriracha chili paste over the pork.
  • Place top slice of sandwich over the pork.
  • Carefully cut sandwich in half with very sharp knife, being careful not to pull the sandwich apart as you cut through the pork.
  • To do this press down gently with hand on sandwich as you gently cut straight down without too much sawing motion through the pork.
  • Pork will tend to resist cutting but just take it slow and it will go through.
  • Once it is halved, serve on plate with your favorite accompaniments, such as potato chips and soft drink.

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  1. Great sandwich! I also would have never put these things together, but I am so glad you did, because it's a tasty way to use up leftover pork. Will definitely make this again, thanks!
  2. Surprisingly delicious!!!!!! I would have never thought to put sriracha chili sauce on leftover pork tenderloin but it really tasted wonderful!!! I thought for sure I had pickle relish in my fridge but I guess I was out so I used pepperoncini peppers and they tasted great!!! This was a wonderful flavor surprise sandwich, thanks for posting!!!!!


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