Pork Loin With Green Chiles

"Perfect one-dish meal from Great American Recipes. While it simmers, take the time to prepare a pan of cornbread to serve alongside."
photo by cindy.womack photo by cindy.womack
photo by cindy.womack
Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • Cut pork loin into 1 inch slices. Pound slightly.
  • Mix together the flour with cayenne pepper, cumin, seasoned salt and the pepper.
  • Roll pork pieces in seasoned flour.
  • In a large skillet, saute pork, red onion and green or red pepper in butter until golden. Add rd wine to skillet along with chopped green chiles.
  • Cover skilled and simmer for 30 minutes. Add pinto beans and continue cooking for 15 more minutes.
  • Before serving, top hot pork with grated cheese.

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  1. An absolute hit in my household. I double up the toppings because my family enjoys them so much


My husband and I are orginally from central Arkansas but have lived in Texas since 1985, when his new job brought us west. Even after 22 years in Texas I still refer to Arkansas as "home". We have 1 2-legged child, a boy, and 2 4-legged children, rescued doberman pinschers named Max and Angel. They aren't DOGS!, they are 4-footed people in fur suits. Totally spoiled but so loving and affectionate. DH is an electronics technician working for a defense contractor and I'm a registered nurse currently doing telehealth nursing for a major insurance company. I work 10 hour night shifts from 8 pm to 6:30 am, so getting motivated to cook can be a challenge. Fortunately I do have 3 nights in a row off each week, which helps. For past 10-12 years it has just been DH and myself at home and we ate out a lot. DH works days and I've mostly worked nights since becoming a nurse and it is truly easier to go out for dinner. We still eat out quite a bit but lately I've been cooking more. Thank goodness there doesn't seem to be a limit to how much you can put in your cookbooks here on 'zaar, mine are very full. I decided it was time to start trying some of those recipes I've been "collecting" so long and we've had some really good to exceptional meals and have cut back dining out to once or twice a week. My Rating System: 5 - Exceptional, the recipe that DH continues to talk about how good it is several days later. 4 - Very good, the recipe that DH mentions how good it is several times during dinner. No changes are needed 3 - could be for one of 2 reasons. 1st reason is that I would rate it a 4 and DH would rate a 2 so I compromise on a 3; or 2nd reason, we both felt like something was missing. If it receives a 3 star rating for the 2nd reason, I would probably make it again, but would make changes to try to make it more satisfactory to our taste. I don't give less than 3 stars. If we felt the recipe just didn't do it for us, and no amount of tweaking would help, I just delete the recipe from my cookbook. Everyone has different tastes and the next person may love it. I wouldn't want my review to make them not try it. This generally doesn't happen often, since I wouldn't fix anything that has a preponderance of ingredients that I know we don't like. I have quite a cookbook collection - ranging from the little ones at the grocery store checkouts to gourmet hardback ones. Since finding 'zaar it is becoming easier to resist buying cookbooks. So I guess you would have to say 'zaar is my favorite cookbook.
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