Pork Chops With Clams

Recipe by Mia 3




  • Place the clams into a large bowl with water and salt for a couple of hours, so all the sand can be removed.
  • Season your chops with salt and pepper to your own taste, and fry them in a pan, making sure oil is nice and hot.( when ready set aside in a casserole).
  • Meanwhile peel onion, garlic and tomatoes. Slice the onion and tomatoes, and chop the garlic very finely.
  • In a large skillet pour in the olive oil and add in garlic, once oil is heated add in the onion and stir till it starts turning a golden colour, at this stage add in the wine, tomato paste,tomatoes, bay leaf, and chopped parsley or cilantra ( what ever you like the best). Keep stirring everything, season with salt to your own taste and add in pepper flakes.
  • Meanwhile drain will your clams pass them through running water to make
  • sure all sand has been removed.
  • Place clams into tomatoes mixture, and when they are all open, pour over
  • the chops that are already in a casserole dish.
  • Sprinkle a little more parsley or cilantro over top for garnish, serve with what ever meet your fancy.