Pork Chops - Southern Style

"Simple, quick and tasty. Something I threw together with the 'scraps' in my Fridge and surprised me with how great it tasted. Feel free to remove as much 'fat' from the pan as you need to... the more you leave, the better it tastes! Great with mashed potatoes!"
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  • In 12" skillet, cook bacon on med hi heat. Remove bacon from skillet, but leave bacon drippings.
  • Add 1 TBSP butter and diced onion. When transparent, remove from skillet.
  • Reduce heat to medium, lightly salt and pepper both sides of pork chops and place in skillet. Brown both sides (approx 2-4 minutes each).
  • Chop up bacon, and add both bacon and cooked onion to skillet.
  • Add 3/4 cup water (add more if you want more gravy), 1 TBSP butter, cover and simmer until cooked (5-10 minutes - but can simmer for up to 45 minutes easily).
  • Just before serving, mix 2 TBSP cornstarch with cool tap water (approx 1/4 cup).
  • Place pork chops on plates, add corn starch/water mixture to gravy/drippings in skillet and bring to quick boil stirring frequently to form thick gravy.

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  1. beffus
    I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except I used a handful of pre-cooked real bacon bits and about 10 thin sliced pork loin chops. Normally, I make the pork slices the same old dried out way, this was so much better. I thought the gravy had plenty of flavor, I'm so glad I didn't add any stock, but I do wish I didn't add any salt at all, I only used a pinch, but I will omit it next time, there will definately be a next time for this!
  2. Debbie P.
    Nice and easy recipe for pork chops that come out tender and juicy. I did what was suggested using chicken stock for the water. Cooked the bacon with the onion, garlic and a little mushroom. Added the stock ( I omitted the salt because my mother has CHF ) and it was fine. A little sour cream to finish the gravy. Yummy! Will be making these again in the future. Thanks for an easy flavorful recipe.
  3. jackedupjeep19
    I was quite surprised how good this recipe turned out. I added chicken broth instead of the water and added more bacon. I thinned out the gravy with more chicken broth and water and added a tablespoon of sour cream to the gravy. YUM! Thank you Jeff for blessing us with this recipe!
  4. Hollyism
    This was excellent! A definite winner with my family! I used about six slices of turkey bacon and 12 thin boneless pork loin chops and eyeballed the rest of the ingredients... very easy to throw together. I also added a splash of white wine. Jeff... You're a genius! Thanks so much for changing up my ho-hum pork chops :^)
  5. bmcnichol
    As written these are good but with the changes other reviewers suggested, these were really good. I had 8 chops so increased the recipe by 4. I added chicken broth instead of water and didn't add as much as the recipe called for. I also added an 8 ounce can of mushrooms. I added more bacon then the recipe called for. Made a nice gravy. I cooked mine for about an hour and a half and they were so tender, they fell apart. Great new way to cook pork chops.


  1. Debbie P.
    After browning the chops I cooked the onion, bacon, a little garlic and added mushrooms. Cooked the chops about 25 min. Made the gravy with stock and finished with a little sour cream. Sides were Brussel sprouts sautéed with pancetta and a sour cream bacon mashed potato. Family and friends loved this dish.
  2. Stephanie S.
    These are so good. I love the ease of preparing and DS and I couldn't get enough of the gravy. The chops are tender and cooked perfectly, without drying out. I did cook them for about 25 minutes after adding the liquid. I too thought of using stock instead of water but am glad I didn't. Thank you so much for sharing this comfort food staple.
  3. Kimberly See
    This was really good! My bf loved it! I used a couple changes others did, such as using beef boullion instead of water and flour instead of cornstarch. Served with mashed potatos and corn....yummy.
  4. indi83
    this recipe was good money!! Instead of cornstarch I used flour and whisked it with oil that was leftover in the pan and I didn't add the extra butter. My fiance enjoyed this recipe. I made it with mashed potato and stuffings with sage sausage
  5. TryingTraditional
    This really is a 5-star recipe! It is easy, flexible, and has predictable results. The only things I changed was flour to cornstarch as that is what we use around here, broth instead of water because I had it and it needed used, and also I added a light dusting of cayenne to the chops with the salt and pepper for a bit more depth of flavor. Great option for those with allergies as there are no canned ingredients. We simmered the chops in the broth for about 15 or 20 minutes and while not fork tender, they weren't chewy. Longer would have been better I am sure, but I was out of time. Next time I will add some of my dried mushrooms to the simmering mix!



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