Pollo Con Salsa Verde (Chicken With Green Sauce)

READY IN: 45mins




  • Sprinkle the chicken with salt and black pepper to taste.
  • Dredge both sides of chicken through the flour, shaking off excess.
  • Melt the butter over med heat in a large heavy bottomed pot.
  • Add the chicken and cook over med-high heat turning once, until both sides are well browned, but chicken is not quite cooked through (about 6-7 minutes per side).
  • Remove chicken from the pot and keep warm.
  • Pour the chicken broth into the pot and scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the pot.
  • Place the green salsa, garlic, jalapeño, cilantro, and cumin into the pot; bring to a boil.
  • Just as the sauce begins to boil, reduce the heat to obtain a slow simmer. Add the chicken breasts back into the sauce and spoon sauce over each piece of chicken.
  • Continue to cook until chicken is cooked through and tender (about 15 minutes).
  • Taste the sauce and add more salt and pepper if desired.
  • Place chicken on a serving platter and spoon sauce over each piece.
  • Top each piece of chicken with a heaping tablespoon of sour cream and sprinkle some chopped green onion over the sour cream.