Pizza Tronchetto

READY IN: 2hrs 15mins




  • 1. Combine sugar, water and yeast in a measuring cup or small bowl.
  • 2. Combine flour and salt in a large bowl and make a well in the center.
  • 3. Pour yeast mixture and oil in well and stir into dry ingredients until you have a soft dough.
  • 4. If dough is too sticky, add a bit more flour.
  • 5. Knead until smooth on a lightly floured surface.
  • 6. Place in an oiled bowl, cover with lightly oiled cling film and let rise until doubled.
  • 7. Punch down and let rest for 10 minutes.
  • 8. Divide into four portions and roll into oval shapes.
  • 9. Preheat the oven to 220c.
  • 10. Cut the Tallegio cheese into cubes and divide between the pizza portions.
  • 11. Thinly slice the mozzarella cheese and divide between the pizza portions,spoon over the ricotta cheese, sprinkle a little Parmesan on each.
  • 12. Pull the sides of the pizza together and crimp to seal.
  • 13. Place on a tray or hot pizza stone and cook for 12-15 minutes until golden.
  • 14. Place on serving dish or plates and top with Parma ham, rocket and tomatoes, sprinkle with Parmesan and serve.