Piroshky (Piroshki)

"This recipe comes from the restaurant named The Kaleenka, out of the Bite of Seattle Cook Book."
photo by WildLightning photo by WildLightning
photo by WildLightning
Ready In:
2hrs 30mins
14-16 Piroshkis




  • Dissolve yeast in water and let stand 10 minutes. In large bowl, combine flour, sugar and salt. Make a well in flour and add milk, egg, oil and yeast. Combine to make a soft dough. Knead about 10 minutes. Let rise one half hour to one hour.
  • Brown chopped onion and garlic. In separate pan, brown ground beef. Season with salt, pepper, garlic and onion. Cool meat mixture and remove solidified fat.
  • Pinch a golf-ball sized piece of dough, flatten with fingers or roll out to 1/8” thickness. Place 2 Tbsp filling in center and bring opposite edges of circle together. Pinch securely. (The traditional shape is a plump center with tapering ends.).
  • Let piroshkis rise seam side down, 30 minutes. Heat oven to 350. Brush with egg and bake until golden brown (approx 20 min, it depends on the size). The piroshky may also be deep fried.
  • Ed. Note: I also like to add about 1 cup cheese sauce powder (sometimes found in bulk food stores) to the meat mix. I find it gives a slightly cheesy taste. If I do that, I omit the salt.

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  1. This is a delicious recipe! I added some dry mustard to the filling and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese to each piroshky. The dough is wonderful to work with and makes terrific rolls (without the filling). Thanks so much!.
  2. The filling was a little bland so I spiced it up with some rosemary, thyme,and basil. You could probably use whatever herbs you have I on hand. This did make way too much filling for the dough, next time I will just use 1lb ground beef. It also made way more then 14-16 that the recipe says, I got about 30 and ended up freezing the leftovers as well as leftover ground beef.
  3. This thing... I want to marry it.
  4. This recipe is abosutely wonderful, just needed a little more detail to dough making for people that are begginer cookers, but simple directions and easy, but time consuming to make.
  5. The crust turned out nice and crispy, but I found the filler to be bland and (if going by the recipe) dry. Next time I may add cream to the sauce, or some fresh peppers to spice things up.


  1. If you pinch the sides tightly then it fries nicely. I loved It. I made a variety of different fillings. Also I substituted 1 cup of flour for whole wheat flour. They were EXCELLENT!


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