Pink Guava Jam

Recipe by Chez Jonny
READY IN: 1hr 20mins




  • Use only ripe pink guavas for this recipe; pink guavas are ripe with they either fall off the tree on their own or when they come off the tree when barely touched. They will be bright pink on the inside and quite soft. Wash.
  • Cut the guavas in half, using a small spoon to carefully spoon out the middle sections containing seeds. Do not allow a single seed to remain as they are quite hard and unpleasant to bite into; people with dentures may want to injure you if one slips inches Set aside seedless guava "meat." (Shells and seeds make good fertilizer for the garden.) Freeze if you cannot make jam on the same day -- a good option as guavas mature at greatly varying times.
  • Place guava "meat" into blender and pulse until relatively but not completely smooth. Measure before placing into nonreactive pot for boiling. Using this measurement, add the same amount of sugar to the "meat." If you have two cups of guava "meat," add two cups of granulated sugar (i.e. one-for-one). Add two tablespoons of pectin and the juice of two small limes (or one large Persian lime). Bring to rolling boil for 20 minutes, stirring continually. The jam will be become a more intense pink/red color at this point.
  • Pour guava jam into sterilized jars and process in boiling water for ten minutes, with at least one inch of water over top of jars. Remove from canner pot and place on a towel, allowing jars to cool. Listen for lids to pop signifying airtight seal. Remove rings only, dry, and re-place them on the jars. Store away.