Pink Dandelion Wine

"This is a think ahead recipe as it takes one year to age properly. During the hot summer months, when dandelions dot your unsprayed, unpolluted yard (or if you are growing them in your garden), smile, thank the earth and make some ritual wine for next year or as a gift to someone."
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  • Take the blossoms, remove stem and leaves, and boil in water.
  • Remove from heat and let stand overnight, then strain.
  • Then add lemon, raspberries, cinnamon and sugar (so its overly sweet to the taste).
  • Warm mixture over low flame until the sugar is dissolved (honey many be substituted in equal proportions).
  • Next, when the mixture is lukewarm, add active yeast which as been suspended in warm water.
  • Cover the pan with a towel and let it set for three days undisturbed.
  • As you check it, visualize the energy in your wine increasing even as the bubbles are forming (a sign of fermentation starting).
  • Finally, strain the mixture again and bottle in loosely corked bottles.
  • Once the corks no longer pop out, tasted to see if the wine needs any additional sugar.
  • If so, return it to the stove and sweeten to taste, but bring it to a boil so as to kill the yeast.
  • Cork tightly and let age for one year in a cool, dark area for best results.
  • Enjoy this liquid of the Earth and Sky or if you wish, you can use this as a offering for spells or spirits of your garden!

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  1. i like the pink twist!


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