Pinchos De Frutas (Fruit Brochettes)

"Simple, healthy, and lovely dessert from Top Tour of Spain site posted for ZWT5. Thank you Linda.P chef#1844617 from Top Tour of Spain site for clarifying the brown sugar and cream amounts. Feel free to use whatever fruit you have on hand. Notice how you can grill it outside or under your broiler. No time was given for how long to grill it so think it might be 2 minutes?"
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photo by Sarah_Jayne
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  • Arrange fruit on 4 brochette spears (skewers).
  • Sprinkle with sugar.
  • Brown under broiler or on your grill until the sugar has burnt slightly.
  • Serve.
  • Optional: melt chocolate in microwave, stir in cream.
  • Serve brochettes on bed of chocolate or covered in it.

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  1. Linda.P
    Hi, I'm Linda from the website, where this recipe originated! Seems some were confused about what "a little brown sugar" and "1 glass of single cream" meant. Thought I'd better clarify! Personally, I use a good teaspoon of brown sugar for each brochette - though this is personal taste. I use a small glass of single cream - this would probably be a little more than an eighth of a cup (depends on the size of the cup!). And, I leave it under the grill until the sugar has coloured/burnt slightly. Hope this clarifies things a bit, though it's not a recipe where exact quantities are needed - you mix and match to suit yourself and what you have in the cupboard. All the best, Linda.
  2. Az B8990
    These were really tasty and a great change from plain fruit. That being said, the DH prefers his fruit cold. I will make these again, but only grill half of them :D Made for ZWT5.
  3. Sarah_Jayne
    Hola and thanks for giving me a different and tasty treat for lunch yesterday. I followed the recipe apart from leaving out the single cream. I enjoyed it a great deal and in particular the mix of very healthy with just that little bit of naughty in the chocolate. I am of two minds of if I liked it better before or after heating but both were yummy. Made for Chow Hounds on ZWT5.
  4. diner524
    This was a wonderful breakfast this morning. Would also be great as a dessert. I used banana, pears, apples, oranges and banana. I forgot to sprinkle them with brown sugar, but didn't miss it. I really enjoyed dipping the strawberries and bananas in the chocolate and liked the oranges and apples but didn't care for the pears with it. Thanks for sharing WiGal!! Made for ZWT Spain's kid friendly recipe.
  5. jellyko
    omitted pears but was very good./ served with icecream


  1. KristinV
    This recipe is a bit like a healthy chocolate fondue. I wasn't too keen on the combination of fruit or the fact that it was warm. I think if I was to make this again I would skip the sugar, and substitute the pear and orange for strawberries and more banana and not grill it. Made for ZWT5 Round 1 Vive Valencia Challenge



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