Pickled Eggs, Beets and Onions

"If you like pickled onions and beets along with your eggs, you'll like this recipe. The juniper berries can be eliminated."
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  • Place the eggs, sliced onions, and beets in a large jar. Set aside.
  • In a saucepan, combine the remaining ingredients and slowly boil for 10 minutes. Let cool.
  • Pour the cooled vinegar solution over the eggs, onions and beets. If the juice does not cover them, add additional water/vinegar (1:1) to cover. Refrigerate.
  • Can be eaten in 24-hours, but are better after a couple of days. Store in fridge.

Questions & Replies

  1. Recipe says 1 small can of beets, 2 cups of beet juice. Where does beet juice come from?


  1. This is a terrific pickled eggs with beets recipe that is so very simple to make using canned beets instead of fresh like how I normally make. Using canned beets really make sense for pickled eggs like this because beets are secondary player in this recipe. Love the use of juniper berries too. I followed the recipe completely except reduced the sugar just a smidgen only but I don't think that made any difference at all. Overall, I love the taste of these eggs, beets and onion. Served with pickled herring and glass of cabernet from California for a light lunch. Thank you Kathy228 for posting this recipe.
  2. I had never had pickled eggs but I've seen them in bars years ago. I like pickled beets so I thought I'd try this recipe. I had my wife pick up some fresh beets as the canned version is not always easy to find here in the Philippines. We used the liquid from boiling the peeled beets. We also used coconut sugar as it has a lower glycemic index than brown & white sugar and didn't use as much as called for in the recipe. The day after making the pickled eggs, sliced beets, and onions I tried an egg. It pretty much tasted like a regular hard boiled egg. So I waited another 2 days. The only differences I could taste was if I dipped the egg, after taking a bite, into the juice, getting the yolk nice and wet. And, the egg white was getting increasingly rubbery. Long story slightly less long, I found I really did not like the rubber ball texture. The eggs were nicely purple-y pink inside but, to me, tasted very much like a plain old hard boiled egg unless I continually dunked it in juice as I ate it. However,... After eating a dozen over a couple weeks, I just really was fed up with the rubber texture and asked my wife to make egg salad with the rest. Well, after chopping the eggs up she brought them to me to see if I wanted them chopped more. I took a bite and POW, was struck to a wonderful flavor of tangy sweet egg. It was remarkable how mincing the eggs seemed to bring out more of the pickle taste. The egg salad turned out to be the best, tastiest I've ever had. Adding a little of the brine to the salad further brightened it up. Also, while the whole eggs could be used as substitutes for handballs, the egg salad had no rubbery texture to it at all.
  3. Wonderful. Best and easiest recipe. Thank you!!!!


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