Pickled Asparagus with Dill

Recipe by Bob Crouch
READY IN: 1hr 30mins
YIELD: 5-6 quarts




  • Clean and sterilize wide mouth canning jars.
  • Clean garlic and pound with with chef's knife so it cracks a bit.
  • Wash and clean asparagus.
  • Remove tough bottom.
  • Heck you know how to snap asparagus.
  • Prepare it in lengths so it will fit into jars.
  • Save the tender bottoms for dinner.
  • Pack jars with some onion, garlic, dill and asparagus.
  • The amount of each is up to your personal taste.
  • This is the hardest part.
  • Mix vinegar, water, and salt in a pot.
  • Bring to a boil Pour hot liquid into jars making sure that spears are covered but not touching the metal sealing lid.
  • Wipe any spills from lip of jars.
  • Burp air bubbles from jars.
  • Seal jars with lid and ring.
  • Process jars in a canner (hot water bath).
  • Make sure tops of jars are covered with 1 inch of water.
  • Allow to boil 20 minutes.
  • Start timing when water reaches a boil.
  • Ready to eat in 4 to 6 weeks.