Pesto Cheese Blossom (Paula Deen)

Recipe by 2bizzy
READY IN: 1hr 20mins




  • Line a medium bowl with plastic wrap, leaving enough overhang to cover the top.
  • Reserving 3 slices of provolone, line the bottom and sides of the bowl with remaining provolone, overlapping slices.
  • For the cream cheese layer, process the cream cheese, pistachios, and 1 garlic clove in a food processor until blended; scrape the mixture into a bowl and set aside.
  • For the pesto layer, process the basil, parsley, pine nuts and the remaining garlic clove in the food processor until blended.
  • Dissolve the salt and pepper in the olive oil and mix well.
  • With the machine running, add the oil in a fine stream.
  • Scrape this mixture into a second bowl and set aside.
  • For the tomato layer, drain the tomatoes, reserving the oil.
  • Puree the tomatoes with a small amount of the reserved oil in a food processor.
  • Spread some of the cream cheese mixture over the cheese slices lining the bowl.
  • Layer the pesto mixture, half of the remaining cream cheese mixture, the sun-dried tomato mixture and then remaining cream cheese mixture in the bowl.
  • Cover with remaining provolone.
  • Bring edges of the plastic wrap together over the top and secure with a twist tie.
  • *Freeze until firm to the touch.
  • Remove the plastic wrap and invert the mold onto a serving platter.
  • To serve, slice thinly and serve with party crackers.
  • This will keep in the refrigerator for up to three months.
  • *Note:Original recipe says to freeze until firm, but I wasn't sure how that would work out.
  • I just froze for about an hour until it was firm enough to unmold.
  • Can be store easily in the refrigerator.