Perogies With Various Traditional Fillings

"What can I say, I love these little babies and they love me back, so I only do this twice a year and "ration" them out! I make double to triple the amounts and freeze for later use. To serve boil, drain and then fry in butter with a lot of onions and serve with a dollop of sour cream!"
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Ready In:
1hr 8mins
50 Perogies




  • note***The dough recipe is for around 50 perogies.
  • At least 1 batch for each filling.
  • I make a day of this and triple each recipe.
  • Believe me, they don't last long!
  • For the dough: Mix egg, oil and water.
  • Add to flour and salt and knead to elastic.
  • Flour your counter top and rolling pin.
  • Roll the dough to around 1/4 inch thick and cut into small circles.
  • Stretch with fingers and add 1 t. filling, fold over and flute.
  • Boil until perogies float.
  • Cool before freezing.
  • Cottage cheese and Dill filling: In a large bowl mix all ingredients together well and fill perogies.
  • Sauerkraut and Bacon: In a large bowl mix together all ingredients well. Bacon fat will cling to the kraut. Fill perogie dough.
  • Potato and Cheese: In a large bowl mix well the potato, cheese, salt and mix well. Fill Perogie dough.
  • You will need about 1 and 1/2 recipes for the dough for each batch of filling, depending on how thick or thin you roll your dough.

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  1. Thank you for posting this excellent and simple recipe! What's better than homemade pierogi fried in butter and onions, I ask you? <big smile>
  2. My mom taught me to make this dough recipe (I use 1 tablespoon of oil) and after kneeding the dough we let it "rest" for 15 minutes. It's reliable and always very tender. I boil my perogies, and toss in a mixture of melted butter and oil then spread them on a cookie sheet to freeze. These can be steamed or fried, right out of the freezer. Serve potatoe based perogies with bacon and onion and sour cream! Yum!! I make a potatoe and "homemade" cottage cheese filling, seasoned only with salt and pepper. I make another filling with velveeta, cheddar cheese, grated onion and potatoe that my kids love (it's more like store bought perogies). My brother always made sour kraut and bacon with onion added (they're excellent, too). And finally, blueberry filling! A perogie for every course! Excellent! Saves me from typing in my recipe.
  3. Very good!! This was our first time ever making perogies & they turned out great. Thanks!!
  4. I love these perogies. This recipe was idiot proof, and trust me, I know. I went with potato and cheddar and the only problem is now my friends have all placed take home orders.



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