Perfect Yorkshire Pudding

"This is a traditional part of our Christmas day dinner that has been wishy washy since my Grandmother died. I have only one 6 serving popover pan, so when I found this recipe at, I was thrilled. My mother's recipe calls for putting the Yorkshires into a cold oven which is an impossibility so another thumbs up for this recipe. **It DOES call for resting/chilling for 4 hours - overnight, which is not included in the prep/cook time**. I just mixed it up in the morning. It wasn't fussy about cooktime - I started at the lower end of the recommended cooktime and checked it every 5 minutes. It just kept getting bigger & bigger!!! I cooked it for a total of 35 minutes. When it came out of the oven, Mom said it looked just like my Grandmother's. The ULTIMATE compliment. And my FIL wants a copy of the recipe. I also used a 9x13" pan so I could use the roasting pan for gravy. I had the leftovers for breakfast with a bowl of gravy. Yup, no kidding. Enjoy!"
Perfect Yorkshire Pudding created by Baby Kato
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  • Whisk together salt & flour; set aside.
  • In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs & milk.
  • Add flour mixture and whisk until combined; cover with plastic wrap & chill in the refrigerator at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • When the roast is done, raise oven temperature to 425°F.
  • Transfer enough pan drippings to coat pan & heat pan in oven until hot.
  • Remove batter from refrigerator & whisk well.
  • Remove pan from oven & quickly add batter.
  • Bake until crisp & golden 20-35 minutes.
  • Serve with prime rib & gravy.

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  1. The Flying Chef
    A great Yorkshire pudding recipe!!!! It was easy to throw together and the end result was fab, they turned light and fluffy with that nice crisp exterior. I have saved this one into my favourites as I have been in search of a great Yorkshire batter recipe for ages. I have my own recipe but it can be a bit of a hit and miss sometimes they are great other times they just do not work so I will look forward to having one that works well all the time. Cheers for posting :)
  2. Darkhunter
    The name says it all! I was a little reluctant to try ANOTHER Yorkshire pudding, as I hadn't made one yet that I really enjoyed. The wait is over, the homerun has been batted, and I now can have fluffy, light pudding to go with my roast! Thnx very much for sharing your recipe, Elmotoo. Made for the Voracious Vagabonds of ZWT 6.
  3. Baby Kato
    What a great Pudding Elmotoo. We enjoyed them very much. These littles treasures were, light, fluffy, crisp, tender and very flavorful and oh so easy to make. I let the batter sit for 4 hours as recommended and the end result was 6 big, tall, beautiful treats, which I filled with a spicy beef gravy...they were very yummy. Thanks so much for sharing, this great recipe that I will make again.
  4. Baby Kato
    Perfect Yorkshire Pudding Created by Baby Kato
  5. Leslie
    Hooray Bethie!! This recipe is a snap to throw together and so easy! These turned out great with a perfect consistency, with the little indent on top to pour gravy on. We loved these! Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT3!



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