Perfect Steamed Rice Every Time

"People always ask why my rice comes out perfectly, even though I don't use a rice cooker. Siu Siu Korzilius, my Chinese cooking teacher, taught me that the secret to flaky rice is in the washing. Rice must always be washed before it's cooked to remove the excess starch which keeps it from being sticky. For brown rice, follow these same instructions but add more water (to several inches over the rice) and cook three times as long."
photo by SusieQusie photo by SusieQusie
photo by SusieQusie
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Ready In:


  • 2 cups long-grain rice (NOTE -- one cup of rice will make 2 1/2 cups of steamed rice)
  • water, to cover (see below)


  • WASH THE RICE: Rinse under running water, rubbing the grains together between the palms of your hands; continue this rinsing until the water runs fairly clear. THIS WILL TAKE A COUPLE MINUTES; DON'T RUSH THIS MOST IMPORTANT STEP!
  • Place rice in a covered sauce pan; add water to 1/2-inch above the rice; put on high heat. Stay in the area -- don't fall asleep -- PAY ATTENTION!
  • As soon as it boils rapidly, reduce heat to medium/low and keep simmering for 10 minutes. DO NOT PEEK. DO NOT OPEN THE LID.
  • Remove pot from burner but STILL DO NOT OPEN THE LID; let the rice rest undisturbed for five minutes.
  • Fluff the rice with a pair of chopsticks before serving.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Julian G.
    This is not steamed rice. It's boiled rice. Totally different.
  2. Helen V.
    I only did one cup of rice, but followed the steps and it turned out perfect, thank you. Will definitely be cooking this way in the future.
  3. Josh A.
    That is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect!!!
  4. Missouri Mom
    Perfection!! For years I have tried to duplicate the rice that I get at my favorite restraunt, and today I did it. I followed your directions exactly, thank you so much!!!!
  5. bmcnichol
    I have always stuggled with making rice. It seems like it should be so simple to cook but for me it never was....unitl now. This worked perfectly. Followed the recipe as written.



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