Perfect Boiled Eggs

"This may seem simple to most, but as an amateur chef I know I sometimes need help with basic cooking techniques! So here's a simple way to hard boil your eggs!"
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Ready In:
4 eggs




  • Place eggs in stainless steel pot, do not stack.
  • Cover with cold water to where eggs are just immersed.
  • Cook to boiling, immediately remove and cover with lid; let stand 20 minutes.
  • Voila, the perfect boiled egg.
  • Note: You can do this with however many eggs you need; I only chose 4 because they required me to give a serving size!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Paulette L.
    How high heat? Have electric stove. Bring to a rolling boil?
  2. Ginger S.
    Calories I'm med egg
  3. Ginger S.
    how many calories 1 med egg


  1. MrsSPheonix
    PERFECT eggs every time! I only stand for 16 minutes though & will never make them another way again :-)
  2. Lizard1
    Absolutely perfect! I could never remember how long to cook and inevitably overcooked my eggs. This has worked every time. Thanks!
  3. sloe cooker
    These turned out very well. I cooked 8 eggs, following you'r recipe exactly, and they were all easy to peel and cooked perfectly. Thanks Kree for posting
  4. AzureLynn
    UPDATE: Shared this recipe with my boss where simplicity is the key. She LOVED the ease of this recipe to make perfect boiled eggs!<br/><br/>I shared this recipe with my husband whom complained he could never make perfectly boiled eggs. We have done this twice in the last week and a half and true results both times much to his delight. Light fluffy yolks with just set whites - just how he wanted them. <br/><br/>Thank you for sharing!
  5. trick
    I cooked 14 eggs using this method. Fantastic...Egg yolks just perfect for devilled eggs. After cooking I plunged the eggs into water with lots of ice cubes and shook the pot to crack the shells. Let set for a few minutes and voila!!! Easy to peel hard boiled eggs! Thanks so much for posting your way of doing it....


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