Penne Pasta With Asparagus Sauce

"This is an absolutely fabulous pasta side dish I created to go along with my scallops in white wine sauce. It really highlights the scallops. Hope you enjoy!!"
Penne Pasta With Asparagus Sauce created by jrusk
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  • Cut the asparagus into one inch pieces; reserving the tips.
  • Cook asparagus in 5 quarts of water until very tender 6-8 minutes.
  • Reserve the water by using a slotted spoon to remove the asparagus to a colander.
  • Put the drained asparagus in a food processor.
  • Cook the tips for 3-5 minutes until just tender.
  • Remove from water with slotted spoon, reserving the water.
  • Puree the stems with the lemon zest and oil and 1/2 cup of the asparagus water.
  • Cook the pasta in the asparagus water to your liking.
  • Drain the pasta saving 2 cups of the water.
  • Combine the pasta, asparagus sauce and add asparagus water if the sauce is too thick- a little at a time.
  • Stir in tips and grated cheese.
  • Stir until cheese is melted.
  • Serve with a light dusting of chopped parsley.

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  1. Jason and Heather B.
    Followed the recipe exactly. It was sort of bland and not very flavorful. I added a sprinkle of salt which helped.
  2. reanniejene
    This is not an original recipe. It is from Epicurious, published in 2000. This fact should be noted in the description to avoid the issue of plagiarism.
  3. Three Kids Make Me
    I made this with your scallops recipe, and they complimented each other nicely. I do agree with the other posters that it could use garlic though, so I will add it next time. Used vegan parm but otherwise made as directed. I really like not throwing half of my asparagus away, and this will be a great thing to make when you find fat asparagus super cheap.
  4. Diet It Up
    I think this is a completely genius idea. I always feel guilty throwing out the asparagus stems because they're too tough to eat. It seems like such a waste! Making this creamy sauce from the pureed vegetable is such a great trick. I did make one change. I thought it could use a little garlic. Before I added the olive oil to the food processor, I heated it up with two cloves of chopped garlic. Thanks for sharing!
  5. jrusk
    Penne Pasta With Asparagus Sauce Created by jrusk



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