Penne Alla Vodka

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  • In a wide pot big enough to hold all the pasta and sauce, melt the butter.
  • add the garlic and cook until golden brown.
  • stir in the proscuitto and cook for a a minute or two.
  • add the tomatoes, crushed pepper, pepper and salt.
  • simmer for 5 minutes.
  • stir in the cream and cook for 2 minutes stirring alot.
  • add the vodka and cook until it no longer smells strongly of vodka (about 3-5 minutes).
  • cook the pasta as directed on box but al dente.
  • add the pasta to the pot with the sauce and mix until it is all coated over the pasta.
  • toss with the cheese and serve immediately.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Maribeth B.
    What can u use instead of prosciutto
  2. Ceez D.
    Can you substitute the prosciutto?
  3. Diane
    I’m trying this recipe during the COVID-19 lockdown so I don’t have all the ingredients. No heavy cream or milk tomatoes and prosciutto. I do have a jar of Penne Vodka sauce but I wanted to make it my own. I have ham (frozen from Easter) and some smoked Kielbasa. Which would be better? I have a small jar of Alfredo sauce...I was thinking about using some to add the creaminess. I also wanted to add some diced sautéed onions and celery with the garlic. We like our sauces chunky. Oh and I did find a small can of diced tomatoes I thought I’d drain and add. I also have the vodka but not sure how much to add since it’s already supposed to be in the sauce. I definitely would appreciate everyone’s advice. Thanks!
  4. Bob B.
    Should the pasta be aledente?


  1. Mask84
    I added 1 shallot and increased the Vodka to 1/3 cup it was perfect. Also used Centos brand tomatoes. Also added shrimp. Perfect dish and quick also. Thanks
  2. kathytrinkle
    Amazing! I'm not a fan of reviews that talk about modifications, but here I go. I added cubed grilled chicken for more protein because the box of my favorite brand of "healthy" pasta is less than a pound. It was superb. Definitely adding this one to my favorite recipe binder!
  3. chellen322
    Wow,.....I just made this disk and my 10 year old daughter who just went to a "movin on up" party for her 5th grade class where they had a caterer bring the same dish in told me mine was better. I am a pretty good cook to and would love to offer some of my own recipes sometimes. I have a Nephew also who went to Culinary School and is a Chef who gives me lots of good ideas. Thanks so much for such a good was so easy and a great recipe I will use over and over. (Helen)
  4. Fantasygirl3127
    I did make a few minor modifications to this recipe. I had made it twice before and decided to change it. I added 3 shallots to the first step and used crushed tomatoes since we don't favor a chunky sauce, and I added some oregano. However, I STILL had to puree everything in a blender so that the prosciutto flavor blended better. My husband and sister loved it! I guess the third time really is the charm. This got added to my recipe collection, we'll definitely be making again.
  5. amy.gaetano
    Absolutely delicious. Just like the penne alla vodka that I loved to order in Italian restaurants in NJ (it's an American-Italian dish)--it's the first recipe I've tried that comes out the right pink color. I didn't try it this time, but I've also seen this with peas in it. It's very rich. I wouldn't skimp on any of the ingredients, though. In particular I thought the prosciutto made recipe.


  1. Tamalicious121
    I made this recipe as an appetizer for Christmas yesterday. It was DELICIOUS and everyone loved it! I used a jar of one of my favorite marinara sauces instead of the can of crushed tomatoes the recipe called for. I also added cubed chicken pieces. I think the next time I make this dish I am going to add some saut?ed onions as others have mentioned. I worked in an Italian restaurant for over 8 years when I was younger and their vodka sauce is one of my family's favorites, but they were just as pleased if not more in love with this one!
  2. Cook4_6
    ****Original review 7/21/2008: Prosciutto, garlic, could one go wrong! Excellent flavor. I used fire roasted diced tomatoes instead of whole tomatoes. Since my DH & DD are not big fans of "chunky sauces" I might try this next time with crushed tomato....I bet it would be wonderful. Definitely a keeper! Thanks for posting! New 2010: I made this using crushed tomatos and it was much better appreciated by my DH and DD. I forgot to add the parmesan cheese, but passed it at the table. It tasted a bit sweet without it for some reason, so I won't forget it next time!
  3. SummerCsea
    Great and easy recipe!! I used regular can of plain tomato sauce instead of whole tomatoes and it worked out great! I cook the ham on the pan a little bit before adding the garlic, as to not burn the garlic. Thanks for the recipe!! I've used it tons of times and everyone has loved it!!


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