Pear Relish

"This relish is wonderful on all types of vegetables. It has a sweet, but hot flavor and is considered a staple in our home. Also, it goes well with pork. Prep time and cook time may vary, depending on whether you chop by hand or food processor."
Pear Relish created by Barbara L.
Ready In:
6-8 pints




  • Chop all ingredients.
  • Cook until tender.
  • Pour into heated jars.
  • Clean rims of jars and place lids and rings on jars and tighten.
  • Process in hot water bath.
  • Remove from heat and tighten rings again.
  • Set out and allow to cool completely before storing.

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  1. redskyfarmboers
    Are hot peppers optional?
  2. dhneal1
    this says vinegar, Is this apple cider vinegar or plain white?
  3. bryan_b
    How long do you process in the water bath?
  4. t.stringer
    Made this today with pears from an old tree my mother planted many years ago. I put my sisters to work chopping bell peppers and I did the rest (I’m a 68 year old southern man). This is the missing recipe we’ve been searching for. Excellent with just the right amount of heat. Made it with about a 1/4 inch chop which was just right. Good just to eat with a spoon but can’t wait to try with a good pork roast or some hopping John. Thanks
  5. pam n.
    This is an easy and delicious relish! We love it on pork roast and so good on peas and lima beans. I will use this recipe again next year when our pears come it. Thank you from Alabama.


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