Peanut Butter & Chocolate Banana

Recipe by Chef Big Jerm
READY IN: 15mins




  • Cut both tips off each banana. Lay bananas curved side down, and cut lengthwise through the top peel and banana, but don't go through the bottom peel.
  • Divide the chocolate and peanut butter chips evenly among banans. Open the slit bananas into an open V and place the chips along the inside.
  • Loosely close the bananas, and wrap each in a square of tin foil.
  • Heat on medium-hot grill for 10 minutes, turning once.
  • Remove from foil, place on dish bend side down. By now the inside of the banana and the peel should be soft enough that it will lay flat on a plate.
  • Spray whipped cream over open side of banana. Eat straight out of the peel with a spoon.