Spanish Peanut Brittle

"This peanut brittle is a must at our house during the holidays. Everyone says it is the BEST Peanut brittle that they have ever tasted. My friend Joy says it is better than See's. The recipe comes from my 1953(almost 50 year old) Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.It takes time, BUT, well worth it."
photo by Barb G. photo by Barb G.
photo by Barb G.
Ready In:
2-3 Pounds




  • In a heavy skillet (I think an iron skillet works best).
  • Combine sugar,corn syrup, and water; cook slowly, stirring till sugar dissolves, cook to soft ball stage(275).
  • Add peanuts and salt;Stir and watch so that peanuts don't scorch or burn.
  • (They will pop & crack you want them to brown some for best flavor.) Cook to hard crack stage(300-310).
  • Add butter and SODA; stir to blend,(Mixture Will Bubble), Pour onto buttered cookie sheet or cover with release foil for easy cleanup(do not butter);Makes2 1/2 Pounds.

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  1. Oh, this was very yummy. It turned out beautifully. I've not made candy before - only had a candy thermometer because we needed one for my son's science project. I was surprised at how long it took to get up to temperature. Also, I'm glad I planned ahead and had the pans pre-buttered and the baking soda and butter pre-measured.
  2. I have been making this exact same peanut brittle for several years now, and I cook it to 295. It turns out wonderful! It's the best peanut brittle I've ever found, and it gets rave reviews from everyone. Thanks foor posting this, Barb... now I will never lose the recipe! :)
  3. Awesome! I made this exactly according to the recipe, and I've never made candy before. I came out great!! Some of the best peanut brittle I've ever had! I'm making it again this holiday season.
  4. This is almost identical to a recipe I've had for years, except that hard crack is 300F to 310F NOT 295F (except of course at high altitudes). Also, a great tip for making any nut brittle is to use a Silpat, Exopat or other such silicone baking sheet. You don't have to worry about extra butter, the brittle is not greasy and clean up is a breeze.
  5. I made this and it was very good but I changed a couple of things. I added 2 teaspoon because after I started to make it I looked at other recipes and they all had 2 tsp for this amount of sugar corn syrup mix and it is important for texture. I also did not make is a skillet. The mix is very hot and needs stirred often so I went for a deeper pan. Thank you for sharing.



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