Peach Blackberry Jam

"Excellent combination of flavors making for a slightly more tart jam than regular peach jam."
photo by klloch photo by klloch
photo by klloch
Ready In:
6 pints




  • Peel and chop peaches. Put peaches, blackberries and lemon into a pot, stir to coat the fruit with the lemon juice and bring to a boil over medium high heat.
  • Add the powdered fruit pectin and bring to a boil again. Add the sugar and cinnamon and bring to a hard, rolling boil. Boil for 15 minutes, stirring often.
  • Ladle into hot, sterilized 8 oz. jars and seal. Process in water-bath canner for 10 minutes.

Questions & Replies

  1. Does 2 quarts of blackberries mean 32 oz. by weight, or four cups by measure?


  1. I've had so many compliments on this jam! Even my 20yr old who's new to all things jelly/jam etc...swears this is da bomb! Also, have been told by a friend's younger son that it was better than his grandmother's...shhhhhhhhhhhhh! It is delish for sure! This last batch I made with the last of the south AL peaches...I grated a little fresh nutmeg into it. YUMMMMMMM
  2. Make sure you use very ripe peaches. I made the mistake of using hard ones which took 3 hours to sweat down.
  3. My husband's favorite go to jam in the cupboard! We love it.


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