Pavarotti Chicken

"This recipe should start as 'Raise unsexed baby chickens for 6 months. When roosters become too loud for their immediate environment, carefully cull. Behead, pluck and gut.' Our roosters are free range chooks who are used to flying, foraging and generally having a very nice life. They are MUCH bigger than your typical commercially raised chicken - almost twice the size of a large commercial chicken and they have a much more gamey taste. Unfortunately singing with full throated joy like Pavarotti is not appropriate in suburbia, and when even a dark garden shed cannot contain the sound, it is reluctantly time for silence."
Pavarotti Chicken created by Thorsten
Ready In:
1hr 35mins



  • Clean chicken.
  • Preheat oven to 350 deg F/180 C.
  • Mix oil, paprika, curry powder and mixed herbs together and carefully pour all over the chicken.
  • Ensure that the chicken is thoroughly coated and rub the mix in if necessary.
  • Add thyme and onion to interior of chicken.
  • Roast in the oven until done.
  • [Our chickens take about 1 1/2-3/4 hours but they are the size of a small turkey!]
  • Serve.
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  1. hrhcara
    Awesome name for a yummy dish. Its quick and easy to make. If you have left overs the next day, all the better. The kids inhaled it. I just wish I could raise chickens where I live, except the neighbors would probably complain to the authorities.
  2. Thorsten
    Pavarotti Chicken Created by Thorsten
  3. Thorsten
    Pavarotti Chicken Created by Thorsten
  4. Thorsten
    Pavarotti Chicken Created by Thorsten
  5. Thorsten
    This is THE PERFECT chicken. And it is hard to believe, that it is so easy to make. And it is not only working using a whole chicken. I have made it with chicken breast (skin removed). I have cut down the amount of the seasoning by half and rubbed in as much as possible. The onion and thyme can be placed between the two halves of the breast. While in the oven I have brushed the breast several times with the remaining seasoning. The breasts was done in 45 minutes. Ok, this is not the original procedure, but it worked so well, that it must be even better using a whole chicken. The seasoning is perfect and after there was no chicken left I dipped some bread in the leftovers of the seasoning mix. Deeeeelish. The breast was so soft, tender and moist - it was the best I ever have made. And the seasoning is combines so well the flavours of the herb and spices. You and your guests will lick your fingers. Guests will ask you for the recipe and will praise you for being a so talented chef. But it will be our little secret that this fantastic recipe is so easy to make. Thanks to Missy Wombat for sharing her secret with us.

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