Pasta Primavera With a Gorgonzola Twist

"This is one of my favorite pasta dishes. It is somehow light and healthy tasting while still satisfying the part of me that wants something rich and creamy. I use tomatos, broccoli and peas (my favorite veggies) but I'm sure it would be just as successful with other spring-time vegetables!"
Pasta Primavera With a Gorgonzola Twist created by Dr. Jenny
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  • in a wok or very large pan, saute the onion with garlic, olive oil, 1T balsamic, sugar and lots of pepper on med-low for 15min or until caramelized.
  • meanwhile, cook the pasta according to package and reserve 1/2 cup pasta water.
  • add the broccoli to the onions and a few tablespoons of the pasta water.
  • cook until the broccoli is a few minutes from done, adding more water as it boils away.
  • add peas and tomato and cook for 3 more minutes.
  • add the pasta, another 3 TB water and cheese.
  • sprinkle with remaining balsamic, toss and serve.

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  1. Karen Elizabeth
    Pasta Primavera With a Gorgonzola Twist Created by Karen Elizabeth
  2. Karen Elizabeth
    Easily prepared and much enjoyed! I used tri-coloured rotini, and I enjoyed the veggies in this.I loved the gorgonzola, could happily have used more. The caramelised onions are a great idea, I could also have happily upped the onions, or even used whole tiny pearl onions. Lovely recipe that I will make again, thank you, Sofie!!! Made for WFD tag game, Food Friends and Fun
  3. Dr. Jenny
    Pasta Primavera With a Gorgonzola Twist Created by Dr. Jenny
  4. Dr. Jenny
    I really enjoyed this recipe for dinner a few nights ago. It is packed with flavor and the broccoli and tomatoes (I used fresh that I chopped) made it look fresh and colorful on the plate. It reheats well for leftovers and I enjoyed it for lunch. The taste of the gorgonzola is pretty pronounced. If you have some diners in the house that are not huge fans of gorgonzola (like my DH--for him the gorgonzola needs to be pretty subtle in order for him to like it), you might want to reduce the gorgonzola or substitute another cheese, as this would make a great base recipe. Thanks for posting! Made for Veggie Swap May 2013.
  5. jessi_mcg
    Yum! This was really delish. Even my 3 year old ate a serving without complaint, though next time I will probably make it with feta to suit him. I know the gorgonzola was the twist here, but I loved the vinegar/brown sugar combination. I did use extra pasta--about 8 oz, I think. This made some seriously generous portions, too, which is always welcome for me LOL. Thanks so much for posting! Made for PRMR.



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