Party Antipasto Skewers

Recipe by SarasotaCook
READY IN: 21mins
YIELD: 8 skewers




  • These are rough estimates on the amount of ingredients, because you can make as many skewers as you want, and you can skewer them any way you want, and lastly, you can use any combination of ingredients you want.
  • Skewered -- There is no right or wrong to this. And you can use 3", 6", or 8" skewers. So just add what you want. I like to add 1-2 of each for the bigger skewers and maybe just 1 of each on the smaller ones. I just used the inexpensive wooden skewers found right in the grocery store.
  • I might put a artichoke heart, olive, ravioli, then a tomato, salami, another ravioli, olive, salami and artichoke. But you get the idea. Just have fun with them.
  • Marinade -- Mix the bottled dressing, garlic and capers and pour over the skewers in a glass (non reactive pan) 13x9" pan. Make sure you roll them around so they are covered well. Cover with saran wrap and marinate 2-24 hours.
  • Note, depending on how many skewers you make you make need to make additional marinade.
  • Finish -- Remove from the marinade and grate some fresh parmesan over the skewers and garnish with a little fresh chopped basil.