Parmesan-Crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwich

"a recipe by Mitch Omer, owner, Hell's Kitchen"
photo by Diana 2 photo by Diana 2
photo by Diana 2
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Ready In:
4 sandwiches




  • Spread out bread slices and spread each with about 1 T butter.
  • Sprinkle parmesan cheese on each slice and press firmly into bread.
  • Melt 1/2 stick butter and pour half into large skillet preheated on medium-high.
  • Place 4 of the bread slices in skillet, parmesan-crusted side down.
  • Arrange 1 slice each of the 3 cheeses on each bread slice and grill undisturbed about 7 minutes. Cheese slices should begin to soften.
  • Flip sandwich slices and grill briefly on other side, then set aside.
  • Wipe skillet, add remaining melted butter and repeat with remaining bread with cheeses.
  • Assemble sandwiches and let sit 3-5 minutes before serving.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Cathy A.
    So you flip it and have cheese side down on the skillet? I have never made grilled cheese like that and am imagining a mess. Lol


  1. K9 Owned
    I was having one of those 'There is nothing to eat in the house' times. I did however have a ton of cheese so decided to give this sandwich a whirl. I had to swap out the swiss cheese in favor of Havarti but otherwise made as directed. I just lied. I forgot to let it stand for a few minutes and may have 2nd degree burns on the fingers that the cheese oozed out on to. It was totally worth the pain. This is probably the very best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had in my life. You have to make this folks!!! Do let it sit for a couple of minutes though :)
  2. Outta Here
    10 STARS in my book!!! Grilled cheese sandwiches never seem to have enough cheese, and that is not a problem with this one. And even has cheese on the OUTSIDE!!!!! Great sandwich and went great with a bowl of tomato soup, for my favorite comfort meal!
  3. Diana 2
    I have to confess, I didn't do these in the frying pan, but broil them in the toaster oven (personal preference). I find them less greasy that way. That being said.....this is an Excellent recipe MaMere :). I used sourdough bread as instructed, but inside I used Jalapeno Havarti. This went so well with the fresh parmesan crust. Absolutely wonderful. Served it with a side salad, and I was in heaven. Honoured to make this as a "Thank You" for voting for Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia in the 2010 Kraft Hockeyville Competition.
  4. Coffee lover
    OMG this a very good grilled cheese. Having the swiss, cheddar and the Fontina cheese all together in one sandwich is the way to go. Very tasty, along with the Parmesan cheese. WOW what a grilled cheese. Its like a explosion of cheese in your mouth. If you like cheese this is the one for you. Made for PAC 2010
  5. christinafischer
    Delicious! The parmesan on the outside is a great touch. I used cheddar and provolone.


  1. Charlene S.
    1. I always use whatever cheese I have for the middle... Colby Jack and Swiss or American and Swiss etc. Always amazing. 2. I have a gas stove with a lg saucepan. I put it on low, and shuffle the pan around every min. Or so to get the most even cooking I can. The top side in this photo was 5 mins. 3. I dont flip the bread and grill the cheese onto the pan. I'm not sure the author meant that. I take mine off and put more butter, then other slices down, then add the cheese back on them. I am so thankful for this recipe!!!!
    • Review photo by Charlene S.


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