Parmesan Broiled Flounder

Parmesan Broiled Flounder created by Jonathan G.

This easy and delicious recipe is a classic!

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  • Place fillets in a single layer on a lightly greased or pan sprayed, shallow oven-to-table type broiler pan. Brush with lemon juice.
  • In a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients to make the cheese topping mixture. Set aside.
  • Broil fillets 4 to 6 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork. (Time will depend on the thickness of the fillets and temperature of your oven/broiler.).
  • Remove fillets from oven. Spread with Parmesan topping.
  • Broil an additional 30 seconds or until cheese is lightly browned and bubbly (be careful to watch it, or it can burn).
  • Garnish with lemon twists and parsley, if desired.
  • Note: Mushy cooked fish is a result of either 1) overcooking/overheating, or 2) over-marinating (which, science-wise, is another method of partial cooking, depending on the marinade). Since the flounder in the recipe is not marinated, if the fish comes out mushy I suspect the results are the from overcooking. Either the fish was left under the broiler for too long, the temperature of the broiler is too high, or the rack on which the the pan placed under the broiler is too close to the heat.
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"This easy and delicious recipe is a classic!"

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  1. Ethelpea
    I prepared this as written and it was excellent.
  2. Coraniaid
    I enjoyed this immensely. It was a little messy to spread on, though, and the fact that I had to use 2 pans for 8 fillets was annoying but it was very tasty indeed. Also, it's probably my broiler but it took FOREVER to cook the fish & then toast the topping.
  3. Jonathan G.
    Parmesan Broiled Flounder Created by Jonathan G.
  4. Teresa in St. Paul
    I cannot give this recipe enough stars. Works well with other mild fish too. Fast and impressive tasting.
  5. Dannys Diner
    This was very tasty. After reading many other reviews, I omitted the butter and added the lemon to the parm/mayo mix instead of putting it directly on the fish. I sprinkled a little salt and pepper on the fish as it was broiling and added Lowry's seasoning salt and parsley to the parm mix instead of salt. I loved the creamy lemon flavor that came through the sauce. I used Pacific Flounder but had none of the "mushy" problems that others wrote about. I broiled the fish very carefully on both sides on low before topping with the parm mix and then broiling on high till browned. Yum!!

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