Papoutsakia - Little Shoes (Stuffed Miniature Eggplant)

"This is a classic Greek dish, utilizing the little eggplant one can now find on the market. If you cannot find miniature eggplant, just use the longish ones available (not flask - unless VERY small)."
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photo by frostingnfettuccine
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Ready In:
1hr 55mins




  • Brown onions,garlic, meat and cinnamon lightly in butter, stirring constantly.
  • Add tomatoes, salt and pepper.
  • Cook covered for about 15 minutes, allowing meat mixture to become quite dry.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add parsley, egg, 1/2 cup cheese and bread crumbs.
  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Along what you choose to become the'top' of each eggplant, peel a 1 1/2 inch strip from one end to the other and make an incision along the strip to within an inch of each end, making a little pocket.
  • Place in baking dish and bake in moderate oven until soft and light brown, about 30-45 minutes.
  • Insert knife blade into incision, make an opening and stuff with teaspoonfuls of meat mixture, making sure each little eggplant gets an equal amount of stuffing.
  • Prepare bechamel sauce: Melt butter over low heat; add flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg; stir until well blended.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Gradually stir in milk and return to heat.
  • Cook, stirring constantly, until thick and smooth.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add the egg and remaining cheese to the sauce and whisk briskly, to prevent the egg from curdling.
  • Pour about one tablespoon on top of each eggplant pocket.
  • Sprinkle with additional grated cheese and dot with butter.
  • Add tomato sauce to the pan.
  • Bake for about 35 minutes longer.

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  1. Scots LassCairo
    This was a stuffed vegetable dish with a difference!! Had no problem finding the kefalotiri cheese, it is the most popular type of cheese to cook with here in Cairo, and the aubergines are ten-a-penny here too!! I think the cinnamon gave this delectable dish its special touch, and it is the first time I have used a bechamel sauce with this type of dish.As i am used to making stuffed vegetables, a mainstay over in this part of the world,I didnt find this dish too complicated. The truly nice thing about this is that it cooks away quietly in the oven!! Wow!!
  2. Artandkitchen
    The summer is fading away and in my dreams I see my beloved Greece.<br/>This delicious recipe brings me back to summer and to Greece with its smell, perfume and look.<br/> How good this is fur us!<br/>Here in Switzerland I did not have small eggplants, so I used 4 big ones, halved and filled as prescribed.<br/>Thanks Evelyn for this dream dish!


  1. frostingnfettuccine
    The flavors of this dish are amazing, I loved the addition of cinnamon in the meat, and the bechamel is sooo good. I had to read the directions a couple times to understand how to cut the eggplant but the way I understood it was to first slice the eggplant vertically in half, then make a cut across (horizontally) the bottom of the eggplant where you will scoop it out after it is baked. Then add in the meat mixture there and re bake with the sauce added. The sauce does make a lot more than you need but its nothing to complain about because its so good! Just make sure you have some delicious bread to mop it up.


<style>body { background: url(""); background-repeat: repeat-y; }</style> OK, here goes. I live in Athens, Greece. I moved out here many, many years ago from Ottawa, Canada - so I am blessed in having two wonderful heritages! I suffer from compulsive obsessive behaviour with regard to food and my psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea to find a 'society' where many have the same problem and try to find a cure. So far, I've copied a couple of thousand recipes from this site and my psychiatrist has thrown the towel in and refuses to answer the phone when I call. What did I do wrong? Got 3 kids that keep me on the go - 10 and under at this point (2008) - I may not get round to updating this for a few years, so you'll have to do your own maths. I teach English full-time and Greek Cookery part-time. I would like to make the cooking part of it full-time and the English Grammar part of it part-time. That's all for now.
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