Panko Encrusted Cod

"A lighter version of fried fish because its baked. The panko gives a light crust, but it still gets nice and crispy. Serve this with potato wedges that you lightly spray with olive oil, season and bake and you have a healthier, no fried version of fish and chips. Try this with the best, easiest tartar sauce ever recipe #170190!"
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photo by loof751
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  • Heat over to 450 degrees.
  • Spray large cookie sheet with cooking spray.
  • Beat egg and egg white into bowl.
  • Place panko in bowl with seasonings.
  • Dip fish into egg, then into panko, pressing panko into fish.
  • Place fish on cookie sheet, after all fish is coated, spray fish with cooking spray.
  • Bake for approximately 15 minutes until coating is nicely browned and fish flakes easily.

Questions & Replies

  1. So I saw that someone tweaked this recipe by seasoning the cod first with a little Old Bay Seasoning. Not sure how this will taste. Unfortunately there was no follow up about how it turned out. Any thoughts?


  1. I baked my fish filets on a rack and it came out nice and crispy on BOTH sides. I did add an extra five minutes to bake time also. Great, easy, healthy... can't ask for more!
  2. I am rating this recipe 5 for the ease of use and versatility. Certainly you can add other herbs and spices to jazz up. I used cod and this recipe worked perfectly. I did have to add additional minutes (5 more min) to the baking time because my fish were pale looking. Thanks icancook66 for posting this recipe!
  3. This is a nice easy recipe with great results. The spices didn't overwhelm the flavor of the fish and the panko coating was a nice crispy contrast to the texture of the cod. Thanks.
  4. We have had this twice and it is awesome, so much so it is going on the permanent Tuesday menu :) yummy!
  5. My family loved this recipe. Light tasting.. and great to put in a fish taco. Easy to make and it actually looked exactly like the picture! No way


  1. I am going to season the cod with a bit of old bay seasoning and see how it turns out


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