Pandora's Feast - Veggie Rice Cooker Dish

"This is from wikicookbooks. I have never tried it but here for safe keeping. Pandora's Feast is a complete vegan meal that can be served several times a week due to the ease with which it can be modified. The meal is easy to prepare in a rice cooker."
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  • Add the brown rice and water to the rice cooker. If you have "Thai sweet black rice" or "Chinese forbidden black rice", replace about 10% of your brown rice with this and your finished product will be a lovely purple and will have a different taste.
  • The beans should either be pre-soaked (preferred) or from a can. Drain, rinse, and add these to the rice cooker. If you're presoaking, the beans need about 8 hours to soak.
  • If using, add the garlic the cooker.
  • If using, add the sweet potato, squash, beet or potato, chop into cubes 1cm x 1cm for optimal cooking.
  • On a fuzzy logic cooker, set the cooker to the brown rice setting and turn it on. For an on/off cooker, turn it on.
  • If using, chop the kale.
  • In about 20–40 minutes, your cooker will complete cooking the rice. When the cooker is finished, open the lid, add the kale, and wait about another minute or two.
  • Open and serve. Top with oil, yeast, soy sauce and/or sesame seeds, to taste.

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  1. This turned out perfectly! For my first time making it I followed the recipe closely - but I did rinse and drain the rice first. I'm in Korea so the rice here is a little different (it's short grain and rather glutenous): brown and black rice have to be rinsed. It was very good as is, but I think could be seasoned to taste very easily in any direction - basil, cajan, curry... I also think a splash of a nice quality vinegar would be nice. And next time I will use more garlic - I used 1 close this time. Very easy and very fast - oh, and the veggies cooked perfectly! Bonus!
  2. This was delicious. I just added 2Tbs of forbidden rice to the 1 cup of brown rice (the whole 10% thing was too much to think about). I used sesame oil for the garnish. My only problem was that my rice cooker took so long my stomach thought my throat was cut! The kale was a nice crunch addition. The recipe also had great visual appeal - wish I had thought to take a picture.
  3. This was easy, delicious and nutritious. My only complaint is that the rice at the bottom burnt. I'll have to experiment with adding less water --- or more water --- or less food. Either way, it was still a good meal, especially for a week night. Thank you for posting!


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