Pan Shortbread

Pan Shortbread created by mums the word

This one beats my mom's recipe hands down. I can't even tell you where I found it but I have used it for years

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  • Mix butter until light and fluffy.
  • Add sugar and beat again till light and fluffy.
  • Sift together flour and corn starch.
  • Add flour/cornstarch to butter/sugar mixture one cup at a time, making sure its well combined before adding another cup.
  • Continue to combine flour into mixture until all is gone. Mix well.
  • Dump dough onto a clean medium sized cookie sheet with sides.
  • Spread out evenly covering the whole sheet. I use a rolling pin and roll it over the top so my finger prints aren't in the dough.
  • Sprinkle 1/4 cup or less of sugar (can use colored sugar), I never measure I just sprinkle until it has a little sparkle.
  • Bake at 325 for approx 20 minutes. My oven cooks really hot so you might have to add a minute or two until edges are light brown.
  • When out of the oven, I cut the square or rectangles through the shortbread. When cooled I often dip one end into melted chocolate and then roll in sprinkles.
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"This one beats my mom's recipe hands down. I can't even tell you where I found it but I have used it for years"

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  1. Deanne K.
    Great no-fail recipe! So easy to make. I microwave the butter, pour it onto the flour/sugar/cornstarch, and mix until it is crumbly. So easy to press it onto a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Definitely use a rolling pin to smooth out the top. I sprinkle on coloured sugar, or white sugar and bake it. In my home oven it bakes faster than the cottage oven. As soon as I take it out I cut it into pieces while it's hot and allow it to cool in the pan. Delicious! I bake a lot and this is the best recipe I have found for making shortbread in a pan. Takes no time at all to do it this way and it doesn't last long around my house.
  2. mary ann4
    What size pan
  3. Mikado
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing an amazing recipe. I had been trying different shorbread recipes for years and haven't quite found "the one" until now. I made it and my husband cound't stop eating it. I will need to make more. Please if you have anymore killer recipes like this, can you let me know. You helped to ease my Christmas woes this year and added a keeper to my files. You're the best. Thank you.
  4. Chef mommypants
    These are good!!! I made them with white whole wheat flour. And they tasted great. I highly reccomend them
  5. Aleigha Nicole
    Mmm i LOVE shortbread and this was my first attempt at making it. Very yumm, but a bit crumbly mabee it just needs to cool down abit TY KennKonn

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