P.f. Chang's Hot and Sour Soup

"This recipe in no way should be credited to me. I found it off the internet years ago, and noticed this exact recipe wasn't on RecipeZaar yet... so here it is. =) This is the closest tasting recipe I've found to the Hot and Sour Soup that is served at P.F. Chang's. If you love that restaurant as much as I do, give this a shot. You won't be disappointed! (This approximately yields the "bowl" size from the restaurant.)"
photo by t jonesy photo by t jonesy
photo by t jonesy
Ready In:
6 cups




  • Cook chicken strips till done. Set aside.
  • Bring stock to boil. Add soy sauce, white pepper, bamboo, mushrooms and chicken. Stir. Let cook for 3 minutes.
  • While cooking, in separate bowl combine cornstarch and water to make slurry. Add slurry a little at a time and stir until thick (all slurry may not be necessary, so add as much as necessary for desired thickness - I used about 3/4 of slurry).
  • Add eggs while stirring and cook for 30 seconds or until eggs are done.
  • Turn off heat. Add vinegar and tofu, give it a quick stir. Spoon into bowls and enjoy!

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  1. Queen Roachie
    I've never been to pf chang's, so I can't rate how this compares. I chose this because I had all the ingredients with no trip to the store where all the crazies are buying milk, bread, and eggs (snow predicted tonight). I used dried shitake and used the water from reconstituting in the soup. This makes a ton of soup, so be prepared for leftovers. I felt like this was missing something, but I can't figure out what. I added some ginger and some hot chili oil. My other change was to thicken with guar rather than corn starch to cut back on carbs. Thanks for sharing. I'll try this one again.
  2. jdaub23
    I too used a little less soy sauce and added scallions. I LOVE hot and soup soup and cannot believe that this is the first time I am making it! This really is a great recipe. I couldn't find wood ear mushrooms so I used Shiitake and I really enjoyed them. Thank you very much for posting this recipe!
  3. SRF68
    Soup was pretty good but I thought the vinegar was a bit overpowering. I think I'll use rice vinegar next time I make it.<br/><br/>thanks for posting!
  4. lrocker5515_11147681
    Awesome recipe! 1 qt of chicken stock was definitely the perfect amount, even after it simmering and steaming away. I used a good quality light soy sauce, which naturally made it less salty and perfect. Followed the recipe to a T except used shittake, i couldn't find wood ear either which was disappointing since i love the chewy texture! This soup is best very chunky, like PF Changs serves it, so adding more liquid would definitely ruin the chunky goodness! Tasted very similar, but i recommend using very good homemade chicken stock. I have a good recipe from Emiril Lagasse, Changs obviously uses a great quality stock, i can tell that was the missing element since i had to use store bought. Was definitely delicious all the same, and quanties were perfect to me!
  5. ciaobibi49
    This is by far, the best hot and sour soup I have ever tasted! It tastes so much like P.F. Chang's version! My husband and I love it! thanks for the recipe my friend!!!!! Buon Appetitto!!!


  1. Late Night Gourmet
    Amazing...this is how I think all hot and sour soups should taste! But, as with many people who love a recipe, I made a few small changes:<br/><br/>1) I added a teaspoon of red pepper seeds (to increase the "Hot").<br/>2) I used rice vinegar in place of white vinegar (to increase the "Sour").<br/>3) I added a tablespoon of chives (I like them in Hot and Sour soups, but I don't think they dramatically change the flavor).<br/>4) I also added 6 ounces of bean sprouts (to counterbalance the pepper seeds and vinegar, and to increase the volume of this excellent soup).<br/>5) I used 4 egg whites instead of 2 full eggs. This cuts about 15 calories a serving out with no change in the flavor. To be honest, I mainly did this because I had too many eggs approaching the throw-them-out date, so I had eggs to spare. :)



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