Oven Fried Rosemary Potatoes

"This is just another version of oven fried potatoes, but it is a delicious one."
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  • Cut each potato in 6-8 wedges, depending on size.
  • Place in a plastic bag, add garlic and spices, and shake to coat.
  • Drizzle with olive oil, and shake again.
  • Lightly oil a baking sheet, and transfer potatoes to sheet.
  • Drizzle oil and herbs remaining in bag over potatoes, keeping as much as possible on the potatoes.
  • Place in a preheated 400degF oven, turning as necessary, and bake until soft on the inside and browned and crisp on the outside.
  • If fixing with Breaded Lamb Chops (separate recipe), place in oven while it preheats and all of the time while the lamb chops bake.

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  1. These turned out really well. I cut mine in cubes and cooked for approximately 40 minutes. I will have to generously salt them before hand next time I make them.
  2. I don't use chopped rosemary but just lay about 3 3-inch sprigs in the pan. (I stir the potatoes midway and the leaves are off the stems, so I pull them out then.) Being lazy, I just throw some refrigerated minced garlic in the mix rather than peeling and chopping my own. I also toss in about 1/4 C. seasoned italian breadcrumbs. For the olive oil I use the roasted garlic olive oil from Costco. In my oven, it takes about 40 minutes at 400 degrees: we like them crispy. Easy and delicious!
  3. These are great potatoes and if you watch the oil, can be friendly to your calorie counting effort. I love the aroma of the roasting garlic and rosemary! This is a keeper.
  4. This was very good, I added a bit more garlic and fresh rosemary and cooked it at 400 for about 30 mintues I shared the oven with something else I was cooking and it was great. LOVED the crispy pieces that got a bit overdone. Thanks for posting!! Karen
  5. Simple but wonderful. My house smelled beautiful as the rosemary cooked.


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