Oreo Cookie Dessert

"Sinfully rich and pretty dessert"
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photo by May I Have That Rec
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  • Pour crushed cookies in 9x13 glass dish.
  • Melt butter, pour over cookies.
  • Mix 1/2 of the cool whip, cream cheese and powdered sugar, spread on top.
  • Mix pudding with milk and sweetened condensed milk; beat until thick, spread on top.
  • Spread on other 8 oz Cool Whip.
  • Sprinkle with leftover cookies.
  • Refrigerate over night.

Questions & Replies

  1. What brand of pudding mix did you use?
  2. Why does it have to be in a glass dish
  3. What do you mean by 1/2-1 cup of butter or margarine? Is it supposed to be 1-1/2 cups?
  4. Can I remove the cream cheese?
  5. How do I share this?


  1. This dessert is phenomenal! I took it to our neighbor's tonight for Thanksgiving and my only regret was that I hadn't made more! :D I made a few changes, due to personal preference, as follows: I ran the Oreos through the food processor til they were finely crumbed, patted them into the pan and then firmly pressed them in place. I omitted the butter completely, feeling there was more than enough fat in the ground Oreos to compensate. While I was okay with how that change turned out, next time I'll probably add about 1/4 cup of melted butter to the food processor after the cookies are crumbed. If you don't mind that there are extra crumbs on the bottom of the pan...just omit the butter and sprinkle some extra crumbs on each plate as a "garnish" (see my photo). I baked the crust in a 325 F. oven for 6 minutes, then pulled it out and let it cool completely. Before I spread the cream cheese filling I put blobs of it evenly around the pan to minimize the "drag" on the crumbs, then gently spread it with a cake spatula (used for frosting cakes...worth getting!), though a table knife should suffice. I didn't have time to let it sit overnight, but due to the fine crumb of the Oreos, I didn't really need to do so. I refrigerated it for approximately 2 hours before we ate, and the taste and texture were more than acceptable. Also, I used Jello Chocolate Fudge flavor for the filling. Overall, this is an excellent choice for dessert. Did I mention that next week I'm passing the recipe on, per request, to two different dinner attendees? Thanks, Kathy, for a great recipe! While I made some (personal) changes, it wouldn't have been possible without your submission! :D
  2. mixing the choc pudding with 2 cups milk and a can of eagle brand condense sweetened milk, has mad the pudding just runny and will not thicken.
  3. This was a huge hit and was gobbled up quick! I followed the directions to the tee, but my pudding mixture was a little runny after it was mixed. I put the bowl of pudding back in the fridge for a bit to let it set up and thicken (it worked just fine) and after the pudding layer went in the pan, I put the pan back in the fridge to let it set up more before applying the last layer of whipped cream so they wouldn't get mixed together. I will definitely make this again!
  4. I have made this for years with the only exception being I use 3 cups of milk in the pudding. I never tried the condensed milk. It is even easier if you use 2 purchased Oreo pie crusts. Lots of times the large pan is too much. This freezes as well. I always keep one in the freezer.
  5. This is a very delicious dessert, we love it. I make it exactly as posted and it turns out wonderful everytime. I find 1/2 cup of butter for the crust is well enough. The kids (4) like it so much they ask for it on their birthdays! Thank you for the recipe, this will be great for potlucks, family gatherings, etc.



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